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Why Does Car Make Creaking Noise When Turning?

While driving, we generally don't notice how our car sounds until and unless it's loud and clear. Since our vehicles can't tell us how they feel and keeping up, they show it to us. For example- while making a turn, if your car makes a creaking noise, understand that there's a problem with one or more than one component in your car's suspension and steering systems. It's the sign you should take seriously and get your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. Any delay in the act can be risky for both you and your vehicle.

soon as possible. Any delay in the act can be risky for both you and your vehicle. Turning puts a lot of tension on several parts of your car, resulting in wearing out and causing a whining, groaning, or rubbing sound. At first, this doesn't seem to be a big problem, but it shouldn't be ignored as these sounds can be an early warning sign of a severe problem. Here's a list of reasons why your car makes noise when turning-

Jounce Bushing is Dry

The front strut of a vehicle has jounce bushing on the top of it. When the bushing gets dry, turning off car starts creating groaning or creaking noise. The longer you wait, the worse the problem gets.

Bad Struts and Shocks

The struts and shocks of your car have a long lifetime, but eventually, they wear down. You can understand this when your car begins to make noises when you take turns. If these parts are not replaced, your car will even start bouncing during turns.

Power Steering Rack Gone Bad

When the power steering rack is worn out, it starts making noise while turning. This whining sound is most recognizable while driving at a slower pace. Sometimes a bad belt or vane pump can also cause this problem.

Damaged Tie Rod Ends

Tie rods enable the wheels to move in response when you turn a steering wheel. A damaged or worn out tie rod creates a knocking sound when tuned at lower speeds.

Bad Ball Joints

The ball joints help steering knuckles and control arms to sustain the movement. To prevent these joints from drying, you should keep oiling them regularly. When they become dry, they begin to make noise. They even cause your steering wheel shake while driving.

Worn Steering Column Bearing

When the upper bearing on the steering column gets damaged or worn out, it starts making a loud rubbing noise while turning. The damaged upper bearing can cause the plastic on the back of some steering wheels to rub against the cowling on the steering column. This condition generally arises due to scorching weather when the parts expand.

Steering Reservoir Tank Clogged

Steering reservoir tank stores the power steering fluid. Usually, a filter is placed inside the reservoir tank to keep the fluid clean. When the reservoir gets clogged, it starts producing noise while turning.

Power Steering Fluid Leaks

Power steering systems use a formulated fluid that lubricates and transmits the essential pressure to move the steering smoothly. If the power steering fluid leaks, it makes a noise, especially when turning.

These are some of the reasons why your car must be making weird sounds while turning. It's always a good idea to have a preventive measure to fight any untoward situation while driving. Therefore, you should get a car insurance policy to cover your vehicle against events like a car breakdown, accidents, fire, flood, etc. Most online car insurance policies offer 24x7 roadside assistance so that you don't get in trouble when your car decides to stop in the middle of nowhere.​