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Unique Car Driving Tips that makes you a Good Driver

Driving a car makes you feel free and excited. With the right driving skills, you can visit places and explore the unexplored parts of the down. Learning how to drive is not a daunting task, after all. You need to learn the controls correctly and use them when the time comes. Your presence of mind, essential functions of the car, and understanding the traffic rules are the basic things you need to drive a vehicle effortlessly.

However, there are some things that your driving instructor won't teach you. Whether it's the placement of the mirrors or the use of high beams, we are here to enlighten you with a few essential skills that your driving instructor won't. Use these tips to avoid dangerous situations, and become a confident driver.

When making a turn, don't turn the wheels beforehand

Spinning the wheels in advance before making a left or right turn is quite dangerous. The wheels should be ideally in the initial position. In case a car hits you from the back, your vehicle will be thrown in the opposite direction, which will cause a crash for sure.

Don't let low speed deceive you

When driving on a straight road, the pace seems twice as slow than it really is. The car might skid if you continue driving at the same speed before making a turn.

Adjust your rear-view mirror at night

Even many experienced drivers don't know that the rear-view mirror has two modes- day and night. Change the angle of the mirror to avoid blinded by a car behind you.

Turn the high beams on if the car doesn't start

In winter, the car just won't start at the first try. To avoid a panic situation, heat the battery of your vehicle by turning on the high beams.

Watch out for the maneuvers of taller cars

Pay attention to the vehicle running ahead of you. Drivers of taller vehicles have a better idea of the road situations as they have a fuller view of the road. If they change lanes or stop, it is likely that they saw any roadblock. Follow them, and change lanes too.

Learn to feel where the wheels are

You need to learn to feel where the wheels are if you want to avoid potholes and not scratch your hubcaps when parking. Practice the skill by driving the car over a flattened plastic bottle with your left and right front wheels in turn.

Check if all your mirrors are adjusted correctly.

A blind spot appears when the mirrors are not adjusted properly. It is part of the road that you can't see while driving. To get rid of blind spots, you should adjust the side-view mirrors so that you can't see your car in them.

Even though you have practiced driving in and out, there's a chance of things falling out of place. At this point, a ​ car insurance policy comes handy. A comprehensive car insurance policy not only covers accidents, thefts, fire, and more, but it also gives you the peace of mind you need while driving your car on the streets.​