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Tips To Protect Your Car When Parked On The Road

​​T​he cases of vehicle theft have been incr​easing by the year, which emerged as one of the fastest-growing crimes in India. According to the official data, there are about 100 cases of vehicle theft reported each day. And, the figures are going up day-by-day.

As per the bureaucrats, the propensity of people to park their vehicles at unauthorized places has played an important role in the rising of these crimes. Safe parking of your car or two-wheeler hence plays an essential role in ensuring its overall security and safety.

Also, if you live in an urban city` which generally has high traffic congestion and very limited parking places, it’s essential for you to consider some basic car parking tricks such as reverse parking, parallel parking, and so on. This will not only prevent the possibilities of your car getting damages but will also assist you to avoid unwanted confrontations.

Listed below are some car parking tips and ideas that you should follow to make sure the optimum safety of your vehicle:

Park Where there is Light

It is always good to park on a lit street, in comparison to an unlit street. Even better is to park next to a store or under a lamppost. It is much convenient for a thief to get noticed while robbing a car in the light comparing to that in a pitch-black street. If possible, when parking overnight, try to park in front of a 24-hour store. The constant foot traffic will make sure that your car does not come in the hand of thieves. However, for an extra layer of protection, it’s important to have motor insurance.

Use a Steering Wheel Lock​

Steering wheel locks should be so prominent so that the steering wheel does not move, even if the thief is trying to get the ignition started.

Take Your Valuables with You

Why temp a car thief? Do not leave your expensive items in your vehicle, and if possible, take them with you when you are leaving your car. Most importantly, avoid leaving your house keys in your car. If a car thief becomes successful in breaking your car locks, the last thing you would worry about is that he has your house keys, and can probably get your home address from your car registration and insurance card. Now some of you might think why there would be any insurance card in your car. It’s important to mention that people who know what would be the situation if their car gets robbed or damaged, they will buy car insurance online.

People often forget about th​​e emerg​ency brake. You can keep your car safe by adding the emergency brake when you are parking in the streets. Many times, thieves will try to take your vehicle to a secluded location from the actual one to get it started. By adding the emergency brake, they will not able to do this.

Lastly, parking between two cars also helps to deter car thieves from rolling your car away.