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Tips To Prepare Your Car To Deal With Indian Traffic

​Traffic is a significant obstacle in the daily commute. It is also one of the biggest reasons why people who need a vehicle daily to travel to their office do not prefer a car. The situation can become extremely stressful when you are getting late for the office and is stuck in a traffic jam. This situation daily can create panic and can directly impact your performance on the road. It also makes it hard to follow traffic safety rules. You need to be extra alert when driving your car in these surroundings. You should have motor insurance when driving on Indian roads. No one can predict the time of an accident. Thus the best way to safeguard against any accident is through getting a cover. Few tips for dealing with Indian traffic are

Drive Slow

The first tip is to drive slowly. No matter how late you are getting for your office or an important meeting, it is necessary to drive slowly. The accident in the traffic jam may not be a major one but can cause damage to the vehicle and can lead you into a dispute. Driving fast in heavy traffic can cause a crash. Keeping your eyes on the road at all times will help.​

Take Breaks

Driving in long traffic jams can be exhausting physically as well as mentally. If you feel your leg hurts, take a break and then drive. Also, if you feel like you are losing your patience and becoming agitated, it is crucial to take a break and recollect the presence of mind. You might get careless in anger and can get into a crash. You can pull off at an exit and stretch your legs to take proper rest. 

Don't weave

People in hope of reaching their destination switch lanes quickly. Other drivers cannot predict if you are about to switch lane Also, this can cause trouble to other drivers and make them slow. Let's be honest we all know that switching lanes do not make a difference of more than 5 minutes in reaching your destination. It is better to spare those 5 minutes rather than getting into a dangerous accident. 

Use Indicators

It is critical to use proper indicators when a lot of drivers are around. While changing lanes give appropriate indication beforehand. Letting people know about your action will make it easier for you to drive and will also protect everyone from an accident. 

Don't Stare

In India roads we often see people honking regularly. Heavy traffic places are a common ground for accidents. Keep your eyes on the road. There is no need to give attention to the accident or to the person who is driving carelessly. Your full attention should be on the road ahead. 

Know Distances

It is essential to keep safe distances between all the vehicles. You need third party car insurance as a mandatory document when driving on Indian roads. Make sure you have this document to cover for your cost in case you get into an accident in heavy traffic. Accidents in traffic won't lead to injury but can lead to some financial loss. Get a car insurance online and enjoy the benefits at a discounted price.​