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What Do Driving Examiners Look for Before Approving Your Driving License?


​Driving is a useful skill that makes you independent and smart. Besides being a pleasure, driving is an adventurous quest, which gives you a sense of freedom. If you know how to drive, you can smoothly go from one place to another without depending upon your parents, partners, or driver. To drive legitimately, you need to have a valid driving license. Getting a driving license is not that difficult if your driving skills are polished.

You have to pass two tests- one written and other practices to get your driving license. Once you turn 18, you can take the written test, and the practical one can be taken after a month after clearing the written test successfully. If you qualify for the written test, you will get your learner's license, which will be valid for a tenure of 6 months. The chase doesn't end here; after getting a learner's permit, it is essential to obtain a permanent license. You can only get the permanent license after clearing the driving test.

Throughout the practical driving test, the surveyor makes sure that you carry out the test without prompting and have all the desired driving skills. Apart from knowing the controls, you should also fulfil the below criteria:

  • 1. You should be able to start the engine safely without any help. You must also know how to disengage the steering column lock, if it is engaged. The surveyor also checks whether you employ the handbrake and select the neutral gear before starting the engine.
  • 2. You must have a good knowledge of how all controls and switches function, especially those related to road safety. Bonus points if you know how to operate without constantly checking them.
  • 3. You must handle all controls, such as the foot pedals, gear stick, etc. Smoothly. You must know how to use the controls properly without getting confused.
  • 4. Demonstrate even and progressive braking. Wheels shouldn't get locked. You must know of the stopping distance due to the weather condition and the terrain.
  • 5. You should reverse the car under full control and with sensible accuracy. The examiner makes sure that the overall standing and driving is at par. You should ideally calculate every aspect before executing reverse parking. Make sure, and you park the car correctly at a reasonable distance and under full control.
  • 6. The usage of mirrors is also examined. Therefore, you should use the mirrors regularly and be aware of the presence of others in their blind spots.
  • 7. Knowing all the signs and signals is a must. While giving the test, you should be responsive to each of them.
  • 8. Remember, all the road signs and markings know how to respond to each of them.
  • 9. ​During the text, use proper speed and a safe distance from the vehicle ahead in all conditions.

    Apart from having a valid driving license, also ensure that you do not miss to buy car insurance online or offline for your safety. Not having a valid car insurance policy can attract a fine of Rs. 2000 and above. ​