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Is it a Good Idea to Drive your Car to Workplace?

Travel is glorious in any form. The sight, the adventure, and most importantly the sense of freedom is unmatched. Some people prefer travelling by car whereas some prefer to take other modes of transport that include- train, bus, bike, auto rickshaw, and others. Usually, those who don't like to travel in public transport and prefer to go by themselves, choose a car over any other transportation mode. Everything in the world has its pros and cons, and if you want to make the best decision, you should consider the good with the bad.  Here are some advantages and disadvantages of travelling by car-

Advantages of Travelling by Car


1. Flexibility

One of the most significant benefits of travelling by car is flexibility. You can stop wherever you want, take any street, any shortcut that suits your commute hours. Most people like to move at their own speed and reach their destination on time, without any haste. Whereas others like to hurry and zoom through the roads with their colleagues.

Also, travelling by your car allows you to take your kids, partner, or other family members with you. You can also drop them on your way and have an enjoyable time with them while on the go. A little fun hurt on one, just ensure the safety of everyone.


2. Better Views

Another benefit of travelling by car is getting to enjoy fantastic views. While you travel via public transport, you are always overwhelmed with the crowd and the hustle and bustle they bring with themselves. On the contrary, you get to enjoy your drive to work without complaining about the loud noise, while humming on your favourite songs.


3. Carpooling & Money Saving

Thanks to the advent of carpools, you can now pool your car with your friends and colleagues and save big on your fuel expenses. By doing this, you are not only saving money, but also contributing to a green environment and a strong companionship. Long chats with the right bunch of people are the best ones!

Disadvantages of Travelling by Car


1. Distances

Travelling by car is excellent, especially when you are travelling short distances. However, long trips are very tiresome and time taking at the same time. The worst part is traffic jams and streets brimming with vehicles, irresponsible drivers, and oblivious pedestrians. It becomes challenging too keep your concentration intact and drive for hours while being stuck around pollution and population alike.


2. Bad Weather

Another considerable disadvantage is bad weather condition as it can leave a serious impact on your journey. You should be attentive and travel with preparation if you don't want to ruin our entire day. Potholes and slippery roads are your foes in monsoon. They take a toll on your car's tyres and destroy them. It is challenging as well as dangerous. We all know that rain, storm, and snow can severely affect your driving skills and conditions.


3. Hidden Costs

Travelling by car is not the cheapest option. What if you need to reach for a business meeting urgently and your vehicle breaks down in the middle of your journey. You will lose your deal along with a considerable amount of money on the repair cost. You should only travel by car when it's a safe option. Lastly, in India, parking is a huge problem. Check if your office compound has a parking spot, or else driving to work will become a big problem.

Make sure your car is in excellent condition and is covered with a comprehensive car insurance policy. A car insurance policy covers your car against accidents, theft, natural calamities, and more. Buy/ renew your car insurance to have a worry-free drive​