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How to Use Car Indicators Well

​Indicators are a crucial part by which drivers notify other drivers of their intentions on the road. We may have seen people getting irritated as a driver ahead of them took a wrong turn or changed lanes without giving a proper indication. People also praise drivers who use indicators properly while driving on the road. Indicators are a universal language by which all the drivers communicate. 

The job of the indicators is not only the left and right turn, but it has the much wider possibility and can be combined with the hand gestures that everyone can understand and follow to avoid any mishap on the road.  

The right time to use a car indicator

Indicators have to be used by all the drivers whenever they are driving on the road to give proper indications to their fellow drivers. It gives clear intention to other drivers about where they want to go or what they want to do. Times, when you need to use an indicator properly, is

  • When turning left or right on a road, the indicator must point to the direction you are going to turn well in advance to let the other drivers know of your intentions beforehand. It gives them the proper time to adjust to any needs and provide space for making a turn. Without the existence of indicators, the accidents will occur frequently while making a turn as no one would know where the other cars want to go.
  • Roundabout requires the driver to point to the side they are getting on and make proper indications when they are planning to take an exit.
  • Before taking u-turn the driver must give indicators so that the other drivers may pass ahead from the other side.
  • Drivers who wish to change lane must indicate beforehand. Through the indicator of changing lanes, other drivers will slow down and will make space for the driver who wishes to change lanes. 
  • Drivers who wish to overtake the car ahead must use horns or dippers at night and give suitable indicators on where and when they are going to overtake the car.
  • Indicators must be given beforehand; last-minute signs often cause traffic jams and confusion. By using indicators road accident can be easily avoided. Motor insurance will protect you by covering all your damages, but the best thing is to follow all the safety rules and methods on road to avoid any accident.

  • Other Indicators and their mean​ing

    Apart from indicating the left and right turn, there are several other uses of indicators. 

  • One of the most common indicators installed in all the cars is a stop indicator. On pushing the button with the triangle sign, both indicators will blink indicating that the car is parked in a corner of a moving road.
  • Whenever the brakes are pressed the tail light of the car glow. It is an indicator for other drivers behind to slow their pace. 
  • Apart from this, there is a hazard sigh which is a red triangle on th​e back of the car. It glows vividly when light shines on it. It is used when the car breaks down in the middle of the road.You can buy car insurance online and protect your vehicle financially from any damage.