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How to Renew Car’s Registration Certificate (RC) for Inter-State Vehicle Transfer?

How to Renew Car's Registration Certificate (RC) for Inter-State Vehicle Transfer?

Know about Re-registration Process for Your Vehicle Transfer

Just like car insurance and the driver's license, car's registration certificate (RC) is also a mandatory document for car owners. However, did you know that your RC comes with an expiry date? The RC of a car gets expired after 15 years from the date of registration and you need to renew it as you cannot legally drive without an RC.

What is the process of renewal of registration certificate?

Following are the steps to follow in completing the RC renewal process:

  • At first, you need to get a form 25 and fill it carefully without any errors.
  • Then, you have to submit that form, duly signed,, to the RTO where your car was originally registered.
  • Now, if any dues are pending on the vehicle, you need to clear those to proceed further.
  • Finally, pay the fee required to complete the RC renewal process.

  • Documents to submit

    While submitting Form 25 for RC renewal, you need to enclose a few documents with the form, which are:

  • Pollution control certificate
  • The expired registration certificate
  • A copy of the car insurance of the vehicle
  • Vehicle owner's PAN card copy
  • Chassis number and engine's pencil print
  • Signature of the vehicle owner on a paper

  • How to get the car registration done for inter-state transfer of the vehicle?

    If you are shifting your residence to another place, you need to register your vehicle with the state that you are moving to. There is a designated process for the same. Submitting a no-objection certificate (NOC) and paying off the road tax are two most important parts of completing this process successfully.

    Following is the process, through which, a person can get their vehicle registered:

  • Arranging an NOC  
    1.You have to start with the submission of a declaration, in which, you have to claim that documents related to your vehicle are completely genuine and also that you have no dues left to pay.
    2.Now you have to arrange for a NOC from the crime department, which proves that your car is completely and genuinely yours and not stolen from anywhere.
    3.If you have a car loan pending, you have to make sure to fill a form 35, which is supposed to be obtained by the lender.
    4.When you are done with the arrangement of the documents, you can move ahead with obtaining the main NOC from the RTO.
    5.Now, you also need to enclose a few documents along with the NOC obtained from the crime department, traffic department, and the lender which include car insurance policy, pollution certificate, address verification, identity verification, and chassis number imprint.
    6.When you are done with all these submissions, your RTO will release the NOC, allowing you to transfer your registration certificate. The time taken for the same is usually 3 weeks.  

  • Arranging documents for re-registration 
    1.A car insurance policy, RC Card, Pollution Certificate
    2.Vehicle Invoice at the time of purchase 

  • Re-registration of vehicle and road tax payment ​​​​
    When you have your vehicle in the new location, you can submit a few documents, such as vehicle insurance, PC, NOC, proof of the new address and several other documents, and pay road tax to finally complete the entire process.​ 

    If you are seeking the registration of a pre-owned car, make sure to submit the details of ownership transfer. Now, your vehicle will be registered with the transp​ort authority of your new residential area. You can also ask for a refund from the road tax department of your old residence.
  • You should make sure that all documents related to your vehicle are up-to-date, as getting caught in the legalities is the last thing you would want to do. Also, with such an easy process of RC renewal and re-registration, you never have to think twice. Nowadays, most of the processes can be completed online, which assist significantly in getting things done with ease.​