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Converting a Petrol/Diesel Car into Electric Vehicle

A decade ago, it was very difficult to covert a fuel-driven car into an electric vehicle. Buying an electric car was too costly. It is an expensive affair even in 2021. However, there is an alternative. Now, you can convert your diesel/petrol car into an electric one. The authorities have given the approval to make changes in your vehicle to make it more environment-friendly.

Phasing out of old cars can be looked at from this angle also, where they undergo a certain kind of transformation through an electric-powered core. The authorities have made small changes to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 in this regard. Vehicles can now be added with an electric core. One can go for electric battery-operated systems to power vehicles and prevent pollution.

Electric Vehicle Conversion Industry:

According to the modified Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, guidelines linked with retrofitting can be divided into three different segments: hybrid conversion for vehicles with a weight of 3.5 tones, electric vehicle conversion for all types, and those above that.

While this move is considered positive for its environmental impact, there are concerns on the cost front. This procedure can be a little expensive for the common people. However, If you are uncomfortable with the cost, then you can buy car insurance online as this will keep you protected financially.

Types of Electric Vehicles:

Electric vehicles can be classified into three different categories, they are Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Battery Electric Vehicles, and Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

1. BEV

Battery Electric Vehicles that you can charge with DC level 3 chargers. They are environment-friendly as they do not contaminate the air. Tesla X is a great example of Battery Electric Vehicles.


These types of vehicles depend on Regenerative Braking and Plugging-in to a power source to stay powered. Examples include Mercedes, Porsche, BMW.

3. HEV

Such types of vehicles generally use electricity to start and move and then switch to gas with the increasing speed.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles:

1. No Fuel

The cost of fuel has been on the rise and does not look like it is going to decrease anytime soon. With an electric car, you will be free from fueling your car with either diesel or petrol and save money in the process.

2. Low Maintenance

In comparison to a fuel-driven car, an electric four-wheeler has a smaller number of parts. The structure of the car is less complicated. Hence, the cost of maintaining such a vehicle is also on the lower side.


 3. Safety

Electric cars are less likely to get damaged in a road accident. However, if in case your car gets damaged completely then the cost could reach the sky heights. So, to protect yourself and your car from such a situation, make sure to buy car insurance.

Considering the rate at which the environment is getting damaged, an electric vehicle might be the best way ahead. It might be beneficial to use electric vehicles than petrol or diesel ones. So go ahead and make the right choice!​