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Can You Get a Car Insurance Without a Driving License?

Car insurance is arguably the best way to keep your vehicle and your finances safe during a crisis. In addition to its value, it is also mandatory to have car insurance on you at all times according to the government of India. Despite this, not all car owners have a driving license. This ends up posing a challenge for such owners to get information about insurance without a driving license. 

In this article, we'll be exploring the various elements associated with car insurance without the owner's license and how you can get one for your vehicle.

Reasons to Buy Car Insurance Without Driving License

If you're not driving, why do you need a car? If you have a car, why can't you get a driver's license? All these questions start popping up when someone hears of such a counterintuitive decision to buy car insurance without a license. Legally, anyone without a driving license is not eligible for driving. However, there are some other factors why one would want to get their vehicle insured without a license. The most common one includes:

  • The owner is not the primary driver. A professional driver or chauffeur shall drive the car.
  • The owner is unable to drive to due old age or physical disabilities. The caretaker, driver, or relative will be the primary driver.
  • The owner is buying a car for a relative or a friend who will be the primary driver.
  • The owner has a learner's license and will soon get a driver's license.
  • The car is vintage or a collectible.

  • How to Get Car Insurance Without License

    It is mandatory for every car to be insured and every driver to have a driving license. However, under the aforementioned circumstances, there is a provision for the owner to buy car insurance without providing their own driving license. 

    Although not all insurance companies offer this provision, but there are still numerous companies out there where you can avail of this option. In any case, providing a driving license is a must. This is because the insurance company uses the track record of the driver to calculate the insurance premium. So if the license is not yours then the primary driver's should be provided. This means, while applying for the license, you will need to enter the license number and details of the person who will be driving the car that you own. In this way, you will be the recipient of the insurance but it will only cover the primary driver. 

    It should also be noted, with great emphasis, that you, the unlicensed owner of the car, will be deemed as an 'excluded driver'. You will not be covered under the driver's insurance in any circumstance. In a simple sense, if you are found to be behind the wheels in case of an accident, the insurance cannot be claimed. 

    Additionally, if you get a driving​ license midway through the insurance period, you will need to inform the insurance company to get you the status of the primary driver. Until then, you will remain excluded from the cover. Note that the premium of your insurance will also increase with this change. 

    You can take the assistance of financial advisors or independent brokers to find the right insurance for your vehicle and getting the right covers as well.​