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10 Useful Car Accessories That Will Make You Love Your Car

​​​​Those who spend a greater part of the day driving the car, it is essential to stock up on certain car accessories. For some their car is home, away from home, and thus it becomes necessary to equip this small home with the crucial accessories to make every journey comfortable and safe. The market is flooded with some wonderful car accessories that you need, but you still are unaware of it. But remember, the most important thing is Motor insurance​, which should not be skipped at all. 

Here are the most useful car accessories. 

1. Mobile holder 
Mobile holders are one of the most essential accessories for a cab driver or for the ones who have to spend long hours on the steering wheels. While driving the mobile phones usually get misplaced or slide to the difficult corners of the car. The universal mobile holders emerged as the saviors in this case, which can rotate the phone up to 360° and are simple to use. 

2. Gap fillers 
Gap fillers are boon for those who get tired of finding their belonging and finally find them under the seat. These fillers cover the space next to the car seat, which attaches to your seatbelt clip and bridge the gap between the middle console and the seat.  

3. Trunk Organizer
A trunk organizer is something you need to organize your belongings in an organized way instead of throwing it haphazardly in the back of your car seat. These trunk organizers are foldable and comprise a reinforced base, strong handles, and high-divider walls.   

4. Eating Tray
Eating trays adds to your comfort when it comes to eating. It is a steering wheel desk that allows the driver to eat comfortably without messing the car around. 

5. Car Vacuum Cleaner 
When you go out on a long road trip, your car becomes your true companion where you sleep and dine, which eventually makes it dirty. Thus, having a car vacuum cleaner is a must, which cleans your car on the go. 

6. Car Neck Cushions 
Long journeys can give you back and neck pains, because of the strain falling on the neck while sitting for long hours in the car. Thus, the cushions are designed to rescue the situation and comfort your neck. 

7. Dash Grip Gel Pad 
DashGrip gel pads can be stuck and wiped off easily. You can stick your important items to these pads on the dashboard to prevent falling your belongings on the floor while driving.

8. Car Seat hangers 
Car seat hangers can save you from the mess and clutter inside the car while providing you with ample legroom. From grocery bags to your hand purse, you can hang them on these incredible interior accessories. 

9. Portable Power Bank with Car Battery Jumper 
This innovative device not only charges your phone and laptop but can also jumpstart your car. It is one of the best go-to tools for emergencies. 

10. Steering wheel cover 
Someone who mostly stays behind the steering wheel can understand how essential a steering wheel cover is. It is made up of breathable fabric to comfort the hands and its anti-slip surface will allow a strong grip. 

So, get your hands on these accessories and make your journeys more comfortable. Also, don’t forget to buy car insurance online if you don'​t have one. ​​