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Empower Yourself Women's Health Insurance

​​​​Women in general tend to overlook their health issues. Probably it is this reason that even today very few women come forward to insure themselves under health insurance​ plans. In order to encourage women to insure their health, today some insurance companies have come up particularly with health insurance for women in India.​

Gone are the days when women were expected to stay home and look after the household activities only. Today, women are not only stepping out of their houses to pursue higher education, but are also competing with men in job. At the same time, they are also looking after their daily household activities and family. While most of the women are effectively managing both jobs and house course, they are compromising on their sleep hours in a big way. Thus today more and more women are suffering from heart problems.

Today, though men and women both are equally exposed to threats of heart related health problems; data from the American Heart Association suggest that women are at higher risk of heart related health problems. As per reports, out of the total patients admitted to hospitals with heart attack, nearly 42% are women while 37% are men*.

Insufficient sleep on a regular basis affects the health of your heart. The more you compromise on your sleep, the more you would be exposed to the risk of cardiovascular problems, counting high blood, heart attack, pressure and heart failure.

Unlike men, poor sleep, in addition waking up too early shall lead to increased inflammation among women with heart disease.

If you have a history of heart disease in your family, irrespective of your gender, you would be even more exposed to the risk of heart related problems. Therefore, while it is important to take precautionary measures against heart diseases, it is equally important to make provisions to get right treatment at the right time. And expenses incurred towards cost of treatment related to heart diseases are good enough to make one run for his/her money. Therefore, protect yourself against financial contingency like situation by insuring yourself under health insurance in India.​​​