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Third Party Liability Car insurance

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Third Party Liability Car insurance


Third Party Liablity Car Insurance

​While choosing a car insurance policy, people often get confused whether to opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy or a third party car insurance policy. While a comprehensive car insurance policy offers overall protection against damages to your car as a result of incidents unrelated to accident / collision; a third party liability car insurance offers cover against any legal liability to a third party caused when you are at fault.

Any losses arising due to damages or injury caused by the insured to a third party or third party’s property, are covered under the third party vehicle insurance policy. As per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, a third party liability cover is a must and a basic requirement under a vehicle’s insurance policy.

How does car third party insurance work?

In order to better understand the concept of third party insurance, let us look at some terminologies. For example, in the event of a car accident, the parties involved are as follows:

  • First party: The insured person or policy holder
  • Second party: The insurance company 
  • Third party: The person who claims for the damages caused by the first party

In an event where an insured person with a third party insurance policy is held legally liable for injuries or damage done to a third party, then his/her insurance company indemnifies the insured person.

With a Reliance general third party only car insurance policy, you will get the following benefits:

  • Cover for causing accidental injury or death to the third party
  • Cover for accidental damage to the third party's property

In the event of a car accident, an insured person with a third party insurance policy is required to immediately inform the insurance company of the incident. If you were responsible for the accident (or the other driver believes you were responsible), it's almost certain that a claim will be made against you, which your insurance company will be expected to pay. So, it is of utmost importance that your insurance provider is aware about any accident you are involved in.

What does my​​ policy cover?​

Many people often opt for third party only car insurance policy because they consider them to be cheaper.

A third party insura​nce of car covers for the expenses incurred as a result of the following reasons:

  • Damages to a third party vehicle
  • Damage caused to a third party property
  • Injuries caused to other people in an accident
Some insurance companies charge extra for third party property coverage. This coverage has become a priority these days since cost of repairing damages is high.

​​What does my policy not cover?​

When opting for a third party only car insurance policy, you must be aware of what benefits you’re missing out on. Let’s take a look at what third party car insurance does not cover:

  • Cost of damages to a vehicle or the belongings in the vehicle in case of an accident
  • Cover for losses incurred if your car or belongings are stolen or destroyed
  • Coverage against damages to your own vehicle
  • Cover for injuries you suffer in an accident
  • Pay-out for a replacement if your car is written off
It would be wiser to opt for third party motor vehicle insurance if you own an old inexpensive car model, which is cheaper to repair.

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