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Skoda Car Insurance


Skoda Car Insurance

​If you've always dreamt of buying a luxury car, Skoda cars are worth considering. Let's say you buy a Skoda and within a few days, you are out driving your dream car, when suddenly, a pothole makes your car swerve and collide with another vehicle. Depending on how severe the accident is, you have to bear the costs associated with third-party damages and restoring your car.

Such sudden expenses are never easy to manage but being prepared goes a long way. The preparation involves getting Skoda car insurance. Yes, your Car Insurance Policy acts as a financial cushion you can fall back on when your car gets into unexpected mishaps and road accidents. It also safeguards your legal and financial liabilities. Here's all you need to know about it.

​A Snapshot of Skoda Insu​rance

Skoda cars are known for their premium engineering features, a loaded list of attributes, safety traits, durability and reliability. When you buy a Skoda car, you can count on its build quality and powerful engine for a comfortable road presence. It only makes sense to protect the car exceeding your expectations with equally fitting car insurance.

A Skoda insurance policy from Reliance General Insurance gives you just that. It comes with a range of benefits that enhance your policy buying, renewal, and claim processing experience. Based on your coverage selection, the insurance plan protects your Skoda car from a wide range of hazards, whether accidental, induced by natural calamities, or human-made.

Types of Insurance Policies You Can Choose for Your Skoda Car

Skoda car insurance plans are categorised into the following types:

  • Third-Party Car Insurance

Visualise this, you are driving in a residential area, and you accidentally hit a boundary wall of a house. As you have affected a third-party property, you become legally liable to pay for the damages. You can manage such expenses with third-party car insurance. Besides property, this policy, made mandatory by law, also covers physical injuries and damage caused to the third-party's vehicles due to your car.​

  • Own Damage Car Insurance

A third-party liability policy helps fulfil liabilities towards others, but if you wish to protect your Skoda car too, you can buy a standalone own damage insurance policy. This policy covers you for the damages endured by your car due to accidents, natural calamities and human-made perils including thefts, vandalism, terror attacks, strikes, and other acts of civil unrest causing unexpected damage to your car.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance​​

If you do not want the hassle of buying separate third-party Skoda car insurance and own damage polices, you can combine the coverage offered under them by investing in a single comprehensive car insurance plan. The benefit of choosing this policy is that you can also customise it to your liking. You can choose f​rom a range of add-on riders to enhance your insurance coverage as needed.

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Inclusions and Exclusions in Skoda Insurance Policy

Your Skoda auto insurance policy comes with the following inclusions and exclusions:

​ Inclusions

  • Third Party Liability Coverage

Whether your Skoda car collides with another person's car, crashes into their property, or causes physical injuries, you are legally responsible. You will have to financially compensate them and fulfil legal liabilities. Skoda car insurance covers such expenses. You can rely on it to financially assist you when your c​ar causes damage or losses to third parties.​​​

  • ​Loss or Theft of Car​​​

There is always a risk of losing your Skoda car due to burglary. When that happens, you incur a huge loss if you fail to recover your car. In such cases, you will be glad you insured your car with Skoda auto insurance. If you fail to recover your car, the insurer provides you with total compensation based on the vehicle's Insured Declared Value (IDV) to replace your lost or stolen car.

  • Damage Due to Collision

When your Skoda car collides with another object, property, or vehicle, it can incur damages that either need repairing or replacement of car parts. If you have a comprehensive policy or have opted for a standalone own damage coverage, you will get compensated for restoring your car to its original condition.

  • Damages Resulting from Natural Disasters

Imagine your Skoda car is parked on the side of a road and suddenly a thunderstorm erupts and overturns your vehicle. The damage caused due to the force of nature can be catastrophic and unpredictable. But if you are insured, you need not worry. You will get covered financially to restore your car's condition after the untoward incident.

  • Damages Due to Human-Made Incidents

Sometimes, human-made perils can also impact the safety of your vehicle. Depending on the severity, activities ranging from riots, strikes, and vandalism to terrorist attacks and similar acts of civil unrest can cause damage to your Skoda car. Insurance companies consider the possibility of such incidents and offer coverage for the same under Skoda four-wheeler insurance policies.

  • Damages During Transit

Suppose you are moving to another city and choose to shift your car via waterways, airways, or railways. Anything can happen to your car while it is transported in a carrier. It may move around inside the carrier and the car windows, or the outer body may get smashed. Skoda motor insurance covers such damages incurred during transit.

  • Bodily Injuries

Accidents also lead to physical injuries. With third-party coverage, you can pay for the medical expenses of others. But when it comes to bodily injuries you or passengers in your car suffer, you need additional coverage. You get covered for such expenses if you opt for personal accident cover and passenger protection cover.


  • War and Nuclear Perils

The destruction caused due to war and nuclear attacks in the country is catastrophic. If your car gets caught up in such incidents, you cannot file a claim. For example, you might be driving your Skoda car in an area where a bomb blast occurs. The resulting damage is beyond the scope of what a car insurance policy is designed to cover.

  • Undesignated Use

A Skoda car insurance plan is meant to protect your vehicle when you are using it for commuting. As it is a private car, using it for commercial purposes is not recommended. When you use it to transport goods or other commercial materials, you drive in heavy traffic areas and put the vehicle at risk. Hence, insurers do not offer coverage for undesignated use.

  • Ageing of the Car

Over time, your Skoda car would not have the same shine and performance levels. It is bound to go through regular wear and tear. Such repercussions of ageing make your car sensitive to damage. Certain car parts may not withstand the impact of unexpected mishaps. While the insurer pays for the damage from a mishap, such regular wear and tear is not covered under the policy.

  • Consequential Losses

Consequential losses refer to the indirect losses incurred when your car is damaged in an accident that also impacts you in some other way. For example, you may not be able to work due to a physical injury sustained during a car accident. The income loss from being unable to work is considered a consequential loss and insurers do not cover you against such losses.

  • Negligence-related Losses

There may be some incidents and mishaps that may lead to losses due to negligence on the driver's part. Examples include drunk driving, speeding, driving without a license and ignoring traffic rules. Any incident taking place due to such practices is considered a negligence-related incident and the losses resulting from the same are not covered under the scope of Skoda insurance.

  • Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown

Your Skoda car may breakdown due to mechanical or electrical failure while you are driving it on the road. As a result, some car parts might get damaged. You can take your car to the garage to get the issue checked. But the insurer will not pay for the repair cost as such damage does not result from an external factor but due to non-maintenance.

Note: The inclusions and exclusions differ based on the type of policy you buy. E.g., a third-party policy will only cover basic third-party liabilities, while a comprehensive plan will offer vast coverage.

​Add-on Riders Available with Skoda Car Insurance​

You can add riders such as the following with a comprehensive car insurance plan are:

  • Nil Depreciation Cover

If your Skoda car sustains irreparable damage or gets stolen, you can claim compensation for total loss under the car insurance policy. However, the insurance company will compensate you based on the IDV. IDV is the maximum compensation amount minus the depreciation value. If you want to avoid the deduction of depreciation, you can opt for a zero-depreciation cover.

  • Consumables Cover

When your Skoda car gets damaged in an untoward event, besides other issues, the consumables might also get affected. For example, the car's radiator may leak. The cost of replacing consumables like engine oil, lubricant, coolant, etc., is typically not covered under car insurance. But if you have a consumables cover, the insurer will pay for costs associated with consumables during an insured event.

  • NCB Retention Cover

NCB is the reward you earn upon completing a claim-free policy period. But when the time comes, you may put your coverage to use. When that happens, your NCB resets to zero. If, however, you have an NCB retention add-on rider, you can avoid losing your accrued NCB benefits despite raising a claim. The number of claims allowed under the NCB retention cover is specified in the policy.

  • Total Return-to-Invoice Cover

As noted earlier, the depreciation value is not considered in a standard Skoda car insurance policy. While the zero-depreciation cover takes care of that aspect for you, you need may more. Besides depreciation, recovering additional costs like registration costs, road tax, and premiums on insurance proves helpful. You can get compensation for such expenses under the total loss recovery add-on cover.

At Reliance General Insurance, we offer 10+ add-on riders, providing all-encompassing coverage for your vehicles. You can contact us for more information about our range of additional riders.

Importance of Investing in Skoda Car Insurance

Here are some aspects that highlight the importance of buying Skoda auto insurance:

  • Compliance With Road Safety Rules

A fundamental reason to invest in Skoda car insurance is to legally drive it on Indian roads. As per the law, getting at least a liability-only policy is a road safety requirement. Or else, you will incur legal repercussions. For example, if a police official finds you driving your Skoda car without insurance, you will incur a fine and/or imprisonment term.

  • Financial Protection

The main purpose of a car insurance policy is to secure yourself financially when your car gets into an unexpected mishap. Without a Skoda auto insurance plan, you might incur significant costs associated with fulfilling third-party liabilities and managing the cost of repairing your car. The extent of the financial burden is unpredictable and may leave you distressed if you are not prepared.

  • Peace of Mind

Taking your Skoda car for a spin should make for an enjoyable experience. After all, the car is built for giving you the best in terms of looks, performance, and comfort. But if you have the thought of risks running in the back of your mind, you will never get to ride stress-free. Having a Skoda insurance policy solves this issue and lets you relax while the insurer handles the risks on your behalf.

  • Economical Decision

At the onset, buying insurance for your Skoda car may seem like an unnecessary expense. But when you run into an accident, and are faced with the high legal and financial costs, you can truly realise the value of your insurance plan. The small premium you have to pay annually for the kind of coverage you get makes buying insurance sound like the most prudent and economical financial decision.

  • Assistance With Legal Liabilities

While compensating third parties for their loss or damage due to your Skoda car, you also need to fulfil legal liabilities. You are legally responsible for paying their medical bills in case of physical injuries besides damage to car or property. They might even file a lawsuit against you in extreme cases. You become financially capable of managing such liabilities with Skoda car insurance.

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Reasons to Buy Skoda Insurance Online from Reliance General Insurance

Choosing Reliance General Insurance to buy Skoda auto insurance proves beneficial due to the following reasons:

  • Prompt Customer Support

The quality of the customer support network determines how efficiently you get solutions for your queries, grievances, and complaints while buying and using your car insurance policy. To ensure you get quick assistance, Reliance General Insurance offers prompt customer support. You can reach out to us via our toll-free number, send an email, or use the chatbot on our website or app.

  • Reliable Claim Settlement Record

An insurer's claim settlement ratio refers to the number of claims settled against the requests received. It shows the efficiency of the insurance company. Reliance General Insurance has an impressive and high claim settlement ratio thus ensuring that your claims are promptly addressed and processed. As such, you need not worry about your experience while claim processing.

  • Hassle-free Cashless Facility

After being involved in a mishap, there is hardly any time or patience left. Going to the garage and running around to pay the bills is the last thing you want to do. To that end, Reliance General Insurance offers convenience in the form of a cashless facility. Under this facility, you can get your car repaired at one of our thousands of cashless garages and we will settle the bills directly with them.

  • ​​Savings on Premium​​​

The premium is the Skoda insurance cost you have to pay in exchange for coverage. While you cannot avoid the premium, you can lower it with attractive discounts that Reliance General Insurance offers. You incur discounts if you opt for a higher voluntary deductible, become a member of the Automobile Association of India (AAI), install anti-theft devices, and for completing consecutive claim-free years.

Benefits of Skoda Insurance Renewal Online​

You can enjoy the following benefits when you renew Skoda insurance online:

  • Simple Process

The Skoda car insurance renewal process is simplified when you carry it out online. You need not bother with the hassle of visiting the insurance company's office or the complicated paperwork. All you need is to follow the simple on-screen instructions and get your policy renewed within minutes. If you have trouble understanding policy terms, you will find detailed information on the website.

  • Convenient

Convenience is the highlight of online Skoda car insurance renewal. There is no hassle of visiting the insurer's office during fixed office, nor do you have to pay extra money in the form of commissions to insurance agents. You can renew your policy from anywhere, anytime, before it expires. You can also modify your policy per your changing insurance needs, budget, and affordability.

  • Cost-effective

Imagine going to the insurance company's office to renew your Skoda auto insurance. You have to pencil in time, spend money on travelling to the office, and wait until a company representative helps you. Moreover, you have to bear certain administrative costs for the services offered at the insurer's branch. You can avoid such unnecessary expenses by renewing the policy online.

  • Digital Documentation

Online insurance renewal involves zero paperwork. But when you make modifications to your vehicle or personal details, you will have to furnish documents to register such changes in your policy. In such cases, you can upload the documents easily through our mobile app. For instance, the Reliance Self-i app lets you scan the paperwork from your home's comfort.

  • Easy Comparison

Besides keeping your car insurance policy valid, renewal is also a time to switch your policy if you find better offers. Hence, it is in your best interest to compare coverage options against the premium offered by various insurance companies. As you are renewing online, the comparison is convenient. Insurers display all the information related to the policy on their websites for easy comparison.

Steps to File a Skoda Car Insurance Claim Successfully

The process to file a claim under four-wheeler insurance for a Skoda car involves the following steps:

  • Step 1: Inform the Cops and the Insurer

The first thing you need to do following a theft or an accident is to head to your nearest police station and register a First Information Report (FIR). You must also obtain a copy of the FIR. Simultaneously, you inform the insurer about your intention to file the claim. Once you do this, you can take your vehicle to the garage for repairs.

  • Step 2: Initiate Claim Request

The next step involves filing the claim request. You can fill in details of the incident, the affected party's contact number, personal information, the registration number of the vehicles involved, and policy information in the claim form. In case of accidents, you can strengthen your claim by submitting photos/videos of the accident site and gathering eye-witness details and accounts.

  • Step 3: Submit Relevant Documents

After filling out the claim form, you need to attach the necessary documents supporting your claim request. These include copies of your driver's license (serving as ID and address proof) and the insurance policy. Additionally, if you have opted for a reimbursement claim, you need to provide the original invoices of the expenses incurred as part of the documentation process.

  • Step 4: Get Claim Settlement

The insurer assesses your claim request and the documents submitted to settle your claim. They may also investigate the incident, if necessary. Insurers usually reimburse you for your expenses within 15 to 21 working days of claim filing. If, you opt for the cashless policy, insurers typically settle the bills directly with the network garage responsible for repairing your vehicle.

Just like with Car Insurance, you can enjoy a seamless claim settlement process against two-wheeler insurance claims. Get Two-Wheeler Insurance​ from Reliance General Insurance today.


​ ​

How to get the best-suited auto insurance plan for a Skoda car?

The best-suited au​to insurance plan for y​our Skoda car depends on your specific needs and budget. You must take your personal preferences into account to determine what plan suits you best. If your budget is low, you must at-least remember to be law compliant and purchase third-party insurance. However, if you can afford to spend more, you may choose a comprehensive car insurance plan.

What factors do insurers take into account while deciding insurance premiums?

Insurers typically take a range of factors into account while determining insurance premiums. These include the make, model and age of the car, the city where it is registered, the vehicle's IDV and the type of insurance policy you choose. They also consider your personal factors like your driving record, claims filed by you in the past, and the add-on riders chosen by you to decide premium rates.

What is IDV of a vehicle?

IDV stands for Insured Declared. It is typically the compensation the insurer pays you (after factoring depreciation) when you file a claim for total damage or loss. While buying your car insurance plan, you can choose the IDV. Opting for a lower IDV results in lower premiums and lower compensation when you file a claim, whereas a higher IDV results in higher premiums and higher compensation.

How do IDV, Zero Depreciation Cover and Return-To-Invoice Cover differ?

IDV is the compensation you get against a claim for total damage or loss, after factoring depreciation. If you opt for zero depreciation cover, the insurer's compensation includes the actual price tag of the car. Conversely, with, the total return-to-invoice cover, the insurer's compensation includes the price tag of the car plus the various taxes paid while buying the car, i.e., the total invoice amount.

How do cashless and reimbursement claims differ?

With cashless claims, you must take your car to one of our network garages to enjoy the cashless repair benefits. You do not need to pay anything to the mechanic (unless the costs exceed the sum insured), as we settle the claim directly with the garage. As for reimbursement claims, you can get your car repaired at your preferred garage, pay for the costs upfront and get reimbursed for the expenses.

Will my Skoda car insurance cover me if I am driving someone else's car?

No, it will not. The insurance policy is meant to protect you from perils caused to or due to the insured Skoda car. Thus, you cannot claim compensation forcoverage for driving someone else's car. The owner of the car will be liable to pay for the losses incurred when you drive their car. If you are using their car with their consent, they can cover the expenses using their car insurance.

How does No Claims Bonus Work?

A No Claims bonus is a reward your insurer gives you for not filing any claim during a policy period. Insurers typically provide this reward in the form of a discount on your insurance premiums. If you do not file any claims during the first five years of buying the policy, you can get discounts ranging from 20% to 50%, for every consecutive claim-free year, up to five years.

How does the type of coverage affect the Skoda insurance cost?

The type of coverage you choose for your Skoda car has a direct impact on the premium amount you have to pay. For instance, limited liability policies do not cover the car owner; just third-parties. Thus, the premiums are low. On the other hand, a comprehensive policy is also customisable with riders. Since you incur higher costs with such a policy, you get higher coverage benefits.

What role does deductible play in Skoda car insurance?

Deductible determines the amount you have to pay out of your pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in. It can be compulsory or voluntary. With a compulsory deductible, you have no choice but to compare insurers for the lowest requirement. But if you opt for a voluntary deductible, you can adjust it at your discretion. A higher deductible lets you enjoy a lower premium and vice versa.

​How can I get long-term coverage for my Skoda car?

You can get long-term coverage for your Skoda Car by opting for a long-term or multi-year car insurance policy. If you choose such policies, you do not have to bother with renewals for 2-3 years at a stretch. Also, you can enjoy all the benefits of a regular, one-year car insurance policy with your long-term policy, including discounts on premiums, no-claims benefits, etc.

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