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​​​​Mahindra and Mahindra Limited (M&M), headquartered in Mumbai, India, is a multinational automobile manufacturing corporation. It is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in India and the largest manufacturer of tractors in the world.

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited was ranked 21st on a list of top companies in India by Fortune India 500 in 2011. Famously branded as 'Mahindra', the company produces SUVs, commercial vehicles, tractors and two wheelers.
Reliance Mahindra Car Insurance shares your passion for driving and provides you coverage specific to your cars needs. We offer you various Reliance Mahindra Car Insurance plans so that you can take adventure trips in your Mahindra car without having to worry about your finances, if you were to damage your car during the experience.

Reliance Car Insurance policy for Mahindra cars provides the following benefits:
 Attractive discounts on your Reliance Car Insurance​ today!*  Retain the earned No-Claim Bonus​ even when you make a claim
 Special discounts to save even more on your premium  A large number of customized add-on covers to give you a more personalized coverage
 Enjoy Cashless transactions across 3800+ network garages  Quick and hassle-free settlement for your claims
 Instant policy renewal online ​    

​As you can see from the chart above, Reliance General Insurance has a plethora of insurance plans to offer to help you protect your Mahindra car. If you wish to renew your Mahindra Car Insurance online instantly without any paperwork, you have to log on to and enter your policy details and proceed to payment through Internet banking or debit / credit card. An e-copy of the policy document will be emailed to you on successful payment.​

​Follow the steps given below in order to buy a Reliance General Mahindra Car Insurance policy:

Step 1: 
Log on to and fill up the following details:
  • Car registration number
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
You may also be required to fill in some additional details such as:
  • Make and Model of your car
  • Age of the Car
  • City where car is registered
Step 2: 
As soon as you enter all the required details, you will get a summary of your quote, which will give you the following details:
  • IDV (Insured declared value)
  • Tax details
  • Premium amount
You can choose to compare various quotes online by selecting the edit option to look for variations and opt for the best one that suits your requirements. If you have already narrowed down your options, simply continue to buying the car insurance.

Step 3: 
Further, you also have the option to opt for offers and discounts or you can enter details of previous policy to continue with the existing benefits such as:
  • NCB
  • Add-ons such as zero depreciation and personal accident cover etc
  • Discounts as a result of anti theft device in the car, voluntary deductable etc
Step 4: 
Finally, check to see if you have entered all the details correctly and then proceed to payment through Internet banking or through debit / credit card. On successful payment, you will receive your policy document on your registered email ID.
Comprehensive car insurance, also known as package insurance, helps protect your vehicle against damages caused to your car that are not related to a collision, such as theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters etc.
While buying Car insurance, you must first think about how much coverage you want for your car. If you are looking for an extensive coverage and protection for your car, you must compare a few policies online to check for the inclusions and exclusions of the policy or talk to your insurance agent about your requirements.

Comprehensive car insurance covers for damages caused to the car due to natural and man-made disasters, legal liability from third party, personal accident cover etc.
Comprehensive car insurance does not cover damage due to wear and tear of the car, losses due to depreciation, damages due to electrical or mechanical problems etc.

Although a Comprehensive coverage is more expensive, it offers you the peace of mind since you know that you car is covered for any unforeseen event. On the other hand, if you think that you can handle the expense of repairing or replacing your car, if it were to be damaged, then it would be wise to drop the idea of buying a comprehensive Mahindra car insurance.

​Insurance companies offer Add-on plans to cover for events in addition to the third party liability insurance that a regular motor policy offers. Depending on the car you own, the add-on covers vary and offer additional benefits to policyholders, which otherwise would be an out-of-pocket expense at the time of claim.

Let’s breeze through the various Add-on covers available in the Indian market:
  • Zero Depreciation Add-on Cover
  • Engine Protection Add-on Cover
  • Return to invoice Add-on Cover
  • No Claim Bonus Protect Add-on Cover 
  • Accident Coverage for passengers 
  • Alternative Vehicle Add-on Cover
  • Key replacement Add-on Cover
  • Consumable Add-on Cover