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Hyundai Accent Car Insurance


​​The Hyundai Accent is a mid-size sedan. The Accent is actually a modified version of the Hyundai Excel which was produced between 1985 and 2000. The Accent is a luxury sedan and found a big market with India's growing middle class, who were impressed with the car's stylish interiors, performance, and fuel efficiency. Hyundai is no longer producing the Accent, having stopped its production in 2014. However, the Hyundai Verna shares many features with the Accent and some say, it is an upgraded version of the Accent.

Hyundai Accent Variants
​The Hyundai Accent was one of the best selling entry-level sedans in India for a long time. It was a solid competitor for the Honda City and Ford Ikon. Hyundai came out with many trims in the Accent, to keep up with the demand and to offer variety to its customers. At its peak, the Hyundai Accent was available in ten versions – Executive, GLE, GLS, VIVA, GLX, GTX Tornado, VIVA CRDi, CRDi, Executive LPG, and Executive CNG. The Accent can attain speeds of up to 181 kmph, with a highway mileage of nearly 16 kmpl.

Add-on covers recommended for Hyundai Accent
A comprehensive car insurance policy covers most exigencies. If you wish to give yourself more protection, we recommend you purchase these additional covers for your Hyundai Accent.