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Useful Add on Covers to Enhance your Car Insurance

​​A basic car insurance​ pays only for the Depreciated Car value in case of theft or damage total loss. Auto insurance also offers risk coverage towards damage caused to a third party or property. As per law, auto insurance is mandatory in India. There are two types of auto insurance​ – Third Party Cover and Comprehensive Cover.

Under a third party cover, you would get risk coverage only for damages to a third party or third party's property. Whereas under comprehensive cover, you would get risk coverage towards loss or damage of your vehicle in addition with the benefits of third party cover.  A basic comprehensive car insurance includes damage to your car, loss, and theft of vehicle as well as third party cover.

However, by paying little extra as your car insurance premium, you can avail some additional benefits towards your auto insurance. These additional covers are called add on covers in motor insurance ​and are optional.

Take a look at some of the add-on covers in car insurance at Reliance General Insurance offers:​​

1) NCB Retention Add On Cover

What is No Claim Bonus?

(NCB) is a discount, given by an insurer to a policyholder for making no claims during the policy term.

 NCB can be accumulated over the years and the discount ranges from 20% to 50% on the own damage premium.

This is simply a general insurance company's way to reward customer's good driving behavior.

Say at the end of 12 months, the insurer did not claim any own damage then in that case the insurance company provides them a discount by giving NCB based discounts in their premium.​

  • Discount earned by insured for a claim-free completed year.

  • In the case of Own Damage claim, No Claim Bonus gets back to 0%

  • NCB can be Transferred in Same Class of vehicle

  • NCB Reserving letter is issued for 3 yrs from the date of sale of the vehicle

Below mentioned is the NCB Slab

NCB Slab

All Types of Vehicle

(No Claim made or Pending during the Preceding)

Percentage of Discount on OD Premium

Full year of Insurance


2 consecutive years of Insurance


3 consecutive years of Insurance


4 consecutive years of Insurance


5 & more consecutive years of Insurance



  • NCB retention add-on cover protects the NCB of the insured even if he/she claims (Own Damage) during the policy period.

  •  Benefits of NCB:

    •  The NCB as per policy is  allowed provided renewal of policy is done with us within 90 days of the expiry  of the policy

    •  NCB is protected in case of  1 OD claim during the policy period

    •  Claim amount should not be more than 25% of IDV

             This is Applicable on Annual  Polices  Only

2)  Nil Depreciation

Note: Voluntary and Compulsory Excess shall be as per normal practice.


3) Total Cover   

This cover pays for the amount spent on the registration fee, Octroi and/ or any other charges levied by the government authority towards the insured vehicle. Also, the insurance premium shall be paid.

This cover will trigger in the event of theft or total loss/ CTL.

Road Tax & Insurance Premium is payable on Pro-rata basis for the unexpired duration of the policy period.