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Whenever we are hospitalized, along with the stress of the illness, we also worry about the bill. But if you have a health insurance policy you need not worry. All you have to do is inform your insurance provider and work towards getting a claim!

So here are the first two steps of the health isurance claim process -

Step 1 - Intimate your claim: 

As soon as the Doctor advises hospitalization and your relative is admitted to a hospital,update your Insurance Company​ about the claim. Inform them about the hospital name, disease or surgery details etc.

Step 2 - Cashless or Reimbursement: 

Once the claim is registered, you have the option of a cashless hospitalization or reimbursement. If your relative is admitted to a network hospital of the Insurance Company then you are eligible for a cashless hospitalization. Which means the Insurance Company will clear the entire hospital bill. In case your relative is admitted to a non-network hospital then you can pay the bill for your own pocket and apply for a reimbursement with all the documents within 15 days of hospitalization.

That’s it. Simple wasn’t it? So, next time don’t be stressed when you have to go through a health insurance claim process.

If you have a Health insurance by Reliance General you can download the Health Insurance Claims Form by Clicking Here - Reliance General Health Insurance Claims Form

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