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Many a people nowadays don’t end up buying Health Insurance​ if they are suffering from some ailments like Diabetes or High BP or some heart related issues. They are worried that since they are suffering some pre-existing conditions, the insurance companies won’t cover them or otherwise the cover provided in case of any hospitalisation will be nominal. 

This is a total myth which people have set in their minds that no companies will cover them. There is stiff competition in the health insurance sector and now more and more companies are offering medical insurance. There are companies which provide coverage for pre-existing conditions also and the only difference is that the premium is on the little higher side. The cover provided for such policy holders is almost the same as that to a normal person.

Due to the competition in this sector, the companies are willing to take certain risks when it comes to offer health insurance for pre existing disease. Therefore you must choose the best medical insurance for pre existing conditions to suit your needs. ​​​ 

The problem lies in the definition of the pre-existing conditions which varies from company to company. Many a company term diabetes and other heart related diseases as pre-existing conditions. Due to such ambiguity in the definition of pre-existing diseases, the picture is not clear for a common man who is suffering from such diseases and thus he doesn’t want to end up buying a health insurance policy.

But since times are changing and due to entry of many private players in the health insurance sector, the picture is getting clear and now more and more people who are suffering from pre-existing conditions or with diseases related to stress are getting more inclined to buy coverage and protect themselves from the high cost of medical emergencies. 

It is the duty of the person who is opting for health insurance​ with pre-existing conditions like diagnosed illnesses, medical history of illness/hospitalization/surgery or major accidental injury , to inform the health policy issuing executive about the same and get all necessary checks and tests done before buying the policy. It is also important to read the type of diseases which the insurance companies define as Pre-existing conditions to avoid problems when the time comes to raise a claim.

Many a times it happens that the policy is provided without any medical check-up and when the person is sick or needs hospitalisation then the claims get rejected for the person was suffering from some pre-existing conditions​. So to avoid such hassles and live a stress free life, it is always important to do medical tests before signing for the medical insurance.​