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Does A Car Insurance Provider Windshield Damage?

​The windshield of any car is made up of strong material and can bear high pressure and changing temperatures. However, there are chances that due to an accident or act of nature, your windshield may get damaged. Many times in India especially, a tree falls on the car and damages the windshield. A damaged windshield makes driving unsafe and risky thus an immediate fix is required. While every car owner must buy car insurance, your third party insurance will not cover for windshield damages. However, in the case of comprehensive car insurance, you can file a claim with your insurance company and can get it repaired at any network garage or can get a reimbursement. 

Here is some more information on the type of windshield damages covered under any insurance policy and the process for filing a claim for the same. 

Type Of Windshield Damages Covered Under a Comprehensive Policy 

On having comprehensive car insurance, you will be covered for a lot of things. It can be damages related to an accident, theft, fire, explosion, natural calamity and third party liabilities. Thus, in any case, if your car's windshield has been broken due to a manmade event or a natural calamity you have the right to file a claim. 

Comprehensive insurance covers windshield damages in cases like

  • Falling of trees on the glass
  • Falling of coconut or any other heavy object
  • Stone and debris hitting the windshield
  • A collision of birds or animals
  • Accident, vandalism, fire or any other man-made events
  • Natural calamities like thunderstorm, flood, earthquake, hailstorm
  • In case the car is damaged due to theft or vandalism an FIR has to be filed first at the nearest police station after which claim can be processed. Now, you can even buy car insurance online and process the claim online easily.

    How To File a Claim For The Damaged Windshield? 

    Windshield repair or replacements can be a costly affair. However, in case you have comprehensive motor insurance, you can easily file a claim and let the insurance company pay for all the damages done.

    Here's How a Claim Could Be Filed 

    Get in touch with the company:

    Contact the insurer as soon as possible. In case you need to lodge an FIR, file the complaint within 24 hours. The claim can be raised online on the insurer's website or by contacting the agent.

    Avail the claim:

    After verification of certain documents the insurance company will accept the claim and will be ready to proceed further. You can choose a network garage and proceed the claim in a hassle-free way. In case you want to continue with a non-network garage, a reimbursement can be filed later. 
    A damaged windshield makes driving a car inconvenient and risky. Hence make sure that on getting even a small crack in your windshield you get it repaired quickly. Not only windshield damages car damage can run into thousands of rupees. Thus, insurance in this case can save a lot. ​