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Car Insurance for Animal Attack Explained

​Car insurance is necessary to protect your financial interest in case of any damage to the vehicle. Several unforeseen reasons might damage your car and incur a bank-breaking bill. These reasons might be accidents, natural calamities, theft, in-transit damage, and one of the most peculiar yet common one, the great animal kingdom.

Animals can be very spontaneous when it comes to jumping out of nowhere or scratch whatever they can find. One of their common victims- cars. These damages can incur huge expenses, or even completely morbid for the vehicle. Luckily, several general insurance companies in India let you buy comprehensive car insurance​ to cater to this specific requirement.​​

Read on to find out the coverage and claiming options associated with the animal attack on your vehicle!

Why do You Need a Car Insurance for Animal Attacks?

Your car can get badly damaged after an animal attack and need immediate repair work. This might be caused due to an accident which ends up squashing your car, animal scratches on the exterior or interior of the car, or rodents finding your car wires to be a tasty meal. In either case, comprehensive insurance allows you to cover the financial liabilities towards damage to the third-party, property, or your own damage.

Let’s see how these insurance covers and on what grounds.

Common Animal Attack Damages

Here are the most commonly claimed animal attack instances seen by insurance companies:

  • Running over dogs or cats darting across the road
  • Rodent or pests chewing up the circuit wiring in the engine compartment
  • A large animal charging at the car
  • Pets chewing up the seat covers or other interiors
  • Animal scratches on the exterior of the car
  • Animal entering the car via an unattended rolled-down window or sunroof and damaging the interior and exterior of the car

  • How to Claim Car Insurance for Animal Attack Damages? 

    You won’t always be able to spot animal damage and raise a claim. There might be times when the car has been unused for a long time and is then taken to the service center. It might be found during the servicing that the wires have been chewed by rodents and might have even caused a short circuit.  

    However, other times, visible damage can be taken for immediate servicing. In case of any such damage caused by an animal attack, you should immediately contact your insurer and inform them about the same.

    Here are the steps to raise a claim for an animal attack to your insurance company:

  • Step 1: Get in touch with the insurance company via call or their website and report the damage.
  • Step 2: The Company will send a representative or a surveyor to inspect the damage and get a detailed record of the financial liabilities. According to the norms of your insurance, you will either receive a cashless claim on the damage repair at the network garage or reimbursement for the repair bill.

  • ​​ Motor insurance​ is a must to protect your hard-earned money. Keep your cars out of danger as far as possible, rest will be covered by your comprehensive insurance policy!