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6 Car Insurance Tips for SUV Lovers

In India, driving an SUV vehicle is an obsession in itself especially if you are fond of driving off-road. People who love SUVs are generally the sorts who seek adventure in their life. They find it an extremely rewarding experience to drive a sport utility vehicle. If you are planning to go for an adventure trip which consists of terrains, it is highly advisable to opt for an SUV as it is really efficient to take on the terrains. However, you must not forget to make provisions for your safety as well. A long drive to an adventurous destination is filled with unforeseen risks. There are chances of your vehicle getting damaged or a medical condition. You must not forget to buy car insurance before you leave your home.

A car insurance policy for an SUV may be a little expensive as the insurance company takes the risks associated with it into consideration while calculating the premium of your vehicle. The reason being an SUV can cause more damage to itself and the passengers within. Hence, the company charges a little extra when it comes to such cars. ​

Ways to cut down on the insurance costs for your SUV 

Before buying an insurance policy for your SUV vehicle, it is a must that you check whether or not is economical and practical in every sense.

Here are some tips which you should remember while buying car insurance for your SUV:​

1. Zero depreciation

The best part about zero depreciation cover is that the parts of your SUV which are otherwise not covered in a regular policy are also covered in this type. The zero depreciation car insurance policy is a little expensive than the normal Mahindra insurance. Buying zero depreciation simply depends on your need. You can go for a comprehensive car insurance policy if you don't need that type of cover.​

2. Cover on select car accessories

There are some insurance companies that offer an add-on on select car accessories which are usually expensive like GPS tracker, LCD screen etc. If your SUV has certain expensive car accessories, you can opt for this add-on as you would get coverage on these accessories.​

3. Cover on non-electronic accessories

There are certain accessories in your SUV which are expensive but not electronic in nature. You can opt for a car insurance add-on for these expensive accessories if required.​

4. Accident cover

In usual cases, the car insurance policy covers t​he medical costs of only the policyholder in case of an accident. However, an add-on to your Mahindra insurance policy can cover the medical costs of other people ​​like employees, drivers and so on.​

5. No claim bonus

If you haven't made a claim during the tenure of your old vehicle, you can get a discount on your new policy. However, you must not forget to transfer the no-claim bonus to your new car to avail the benefit.​

6. Car safety accessories

Most car insurance policies are offered at a lower premium if your SUV has safety accessories like theft alarm.​