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Why Should You Buy Car Policy Online

Did you know that above 65% of the vehicles running on the Indian roads are not insured. Most people still do not find it worthy to buy motor insurance​. Though it is mandatory to have one if you are driving on Indian roads, many people have not bothered to buy one. With the traffic situation going worse and soaring number of accidents, buying car insurance and keeping your vehicle secured is the need of the hour. You must know that road mishaps and accidents can happen to anyone. One must not be very confident about the situation around as it could change any moment. Besides car safety, spending on car insurance gives peace of mind. One feels relaxed while driving on the roads and believes that the car insurance is there to cover the damages if any. When you plan to buy car insurance, go for comprehensive motor insurance as it takes care of expenses that are associated to the vehicle damage. ​For instance, having a comprehensive car insurance policy also covers the finances of family members for the time being if something happens to the policy owner. Motor insurance has multiple benefits but not buying it one has just one benefit i.e. saving money. However, when you meet with a road accident, you end up spending a lot more than you had saved in the first place. 

Looking for the right policy could be time consuming
Yes, that’s possible only if you have opted for the linger route for buying one. In most cases, a person meets agents/sales representatives of several insurance companies to have a discussion before buying a policy. Sure, you get an option to compare all the policies but not instantly and you also take a lot of time. The entire procedure of meeting and final selection could waste a lot of your time.
What if you were told that now could compare all the car insurance policies offered by various companies and select it within minutes from the comfort of your home?
It is very simple and safe to buy an insurance policy online. The best part is that you don’t have to visit a third party website to buy an insurance policy. You can buy it from the official website of your insurance company. In addition to that, there are comparison sites which present a tabular comparison chart of the multiple policies available which makes your decision process simpler.

Benefits of buying car insurance online

Save money
Yes, you save some bucks when you buy a car insurance policy online. Also, the quotes provided for buying a policy are lower as compared to the quote provided by an insurance agent.

Agents gimmicks
Your insurance agent may try to sell you their company insurance policy as they have targets to achieve whereas you can access a detailed and unbiased comparison chart online. The agents usually promise unbelievable things at the start and after buying the policy, you realise that most points are not included in your policy.

Faster process
Whether you are buying a fresh policy or making a payment of your existing policy online, the best part is that you get an immediate acknowledgement receipt from the company. Your payment information and personal details are taken on a secured server and are not shared with anyone.