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Why You Should Choose Engine Protection Cover With Car Insurance

Purchased additional coverage with the comprehensive car insurance policy, engine protection cover in car insurance delivers coverage towards losses or damages to the insured vehicle's engine. The add-on compensates you for the repair or replacement of your car's engine or parts. This can be because of leakage of water ingression damage, lubricant oil to aspects like pistons, gearbox, connecting rods, and so on, as well as due to hydrostatic lock, caused when you begin the wet engine. 

What Is Engine Protection Cover? 

A car engine protection cover delivers a protective layer from damages to the parts of the engine. Damages to the engine like a hydrostatic lock, leakage of fuel, damaged gearbox, water ingression, broken pistons or crankshafts, and cylinders are covered under this add-on. These internal engine damages can have important repairing charges and can sum up to thousands of rupees or more than that. Having an add-on in your comprehensive car insurance would save you from investing in these expenses. 

Reasons To Choose Engine Protection Cover Add-On With Your Vehicle

  • To Avoid Expensive Repair Costs
    As the engine is the soul and heart of a car, its maintenance charges can be massive upon damage. Without it, your car cannot run properly, this is the reason why selecting to protect the most important part of your car is a prudent decision. You can find many add-on car insurance covers for your vehicle, and including them to the policy will only boost your premium rate. Hence, a great decision would be to prioritize your add-ons, and the engine tops the list.
  • To Support Against External Factors Like Floods
    Engine troubles are more random in Indian regions where there are possibilities of flooding. In addition, a wet engine is difficult to fix and can involve heavy costs. That is why an engine protection add-on is an important car insurance cover for supporting in such type of situations. This add-on insurance cover also delivers coverage for repairs against other artificial and natural calamities like accidents, fire, and so on. However, there are some restrictions to it, like consequential damage is not covered.
  • To Avoid Risks
    Car insurance policies are there to deliver coverage at times of requirement. It may be possible that you may never even have the requirement for it, and this may make you feel that your car insurance add-on cover was a wasted investment. However, you may go through problems with the engine and that is when you face high costs. At that very moment, you may regret your decision not buying an engine protection cover. Hence, to avoid risks, you have to buy car insurance.
  • Lower Add-On Premium Rate For New Cars
    Engine covers can be bought as add-ons with new cars at a very low premium rate. Adding it at the time of a new vehicle purchase is a great time to make sure extra coverage at a lower cost. With an increased age of your vehicle, the premium for engine protection add-on also boosts. Therefore, ignore that extra cost and buy one when your car is new.