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Critical Illness Insurance

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Critical Illness Insurance


Critical Illness Insurance
​​Covers 10
critical illnesses​​
Lump sum
No medical
test required​​​ ​
Policy for
1 &​ 3 years​​

​Life is uncertain, so are diseases! Unforeseen circumstances, unhealthy lifestyle, and stress push us towards life-threatening medical conditions. Anyone at any stage of life can acquire acute diseases. At this stage, Critical Illness insurance policy comes as a saviour to you.​

We, at Reliance General Insurance, bring you a critical illness insurance policy that caters to life threatening and lifestyle-disabling diseases, so you are worry-free. ​ 

Reliance Critical Illness cover of Rs 5 lakhs starting at just Rs 888*!

You can buy your critical illness insurance policy online through our various payment options like UPI, Net Banking, Debit/Credit card etc. available for your convenience​​.

  • Lump sum payment that allows you to plan your treatment as required
  • Critical illness insurance policy in India for an individual above 18 years of age
  • Critical illness insurance policy period for one year and three years 
Apart from the critical illness insurance policy, Reliance also o​ffers family mediclaim policy, health insurance for senior citizens​ and also provides cashless health insurance cover​.​

*T&C apply. Tax laws are subject to change. Premium calculated for an individual of 21 years, SI 5 lakhs for tenure of 1 year.  Details mentioned here are for Reliance Critical Illness Insurance Policy.

If you need more information about Critical Illness insurance cover in India, feel free to call us on 1800 3009 (Toll free) or Want to know your Critical Illness insurance premium? Get a Quick Quote now!

What ​we cover under critical illness insurance

With the Reliance Critical Illness Insurnace Policy, you will re​ceive a lump sum pay out on your claim, if you're diagnosed with any of the following critical illnesses or if you have to undergo any of the mentioned surgeries. In terms of the sum insured, you may choose​ any option between Rs. 5 lakh, Rs. 7 lakh or Rs. 10 lakh.

Category I – Life Threatening
  • Cancer
  • Major Organ Transplant
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Third Degree Burns
  • Aorta Graft Surgery
Ca​tegory II – Lifestyle Disabling
  • Heart Valve Replacement or repair
  • Coma of Specified Severity​​
  • Coma Quadriplegia (persisting more than 90 days post diagnosis without any significant recovery)
  • Total Blindness
  • End Stage Renal Disease requiring regular dialysis
  • Please note that we will pay the benefit payment when the patient survives for more than 30 days after the diagnosis of the critical illness listed in category I and for 60 days after diagnosis in case of category II conditions, unless the patient is suffering from Quadriplegia, where the benefit will be paid after 90 days.​

What we don't cover​ under critical illness insurance

Critical illness or its fallouts can be quite complex, so it's difficult to cover every situation. Here are a few things that your Critical Illness Insurnace policy won't cover!

  • Any pre-existing diseases, illnesses or injuries
  • Critical illness contracted or diagnosed arising out of or due to
    • within 3 months of the policy start date
    • pregnancy or child birth​
    • HIV infection / AIDS
    • cosmetic or sex change treatment / surgery
    • alcohol consumption, smoking, other tobacco intake or drug abuse
    • intentional self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide
    • any breach of law or participation in actual or attempted felony, riot, crime, misdemeanour or civil commotion
    • war, terrorism or nuclear weapons
Cases, where
  • ​death occurs within 30 days of the diagnosis or surgery
  • diagnosis is provided by a family member, anyone not registered as a medical practitioner
  • diagnosis is not scientifically recognised​​

​ ​

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Critical Illness Insurance Reviews and Ratings

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  • “Prompt response”

    Communication over the mail & phone was very prompt and the staff did their best to clear all my critical illness insurance related queries.

    Sandeep H2 December 2016, Vakola
  • “Keep up the good work”

    Keep up the good work!! Critical illness Insurance procedure was very clear and easy.

    Naveen B2 December 2016, Mahim
  • “Call centre staff very co-operative”

    The staff provides complete information about the critical illness policy and additional features not covered under the normal health insurance

    Kruti S1 December 2016, Wadala
  • “Totally satisfied with the service”

    Totally satisfied with the service!! Made my online purchase much simpler than I expected

    Madhu S1 December 2016, Jodhpur
  • “Thanks to your executive”

    Thanks to your executive who was patient to answer all my stupid queries related to cancer cover.

    Pankaj P1 December 2016, Mumbai
  • “Good Coverage”

    Great critical illness insurance policy product covers 10 major critical illnesses or surgeries and suffices my need.

    Vikas Hotta30 November 2016, Versova
  • “Kudos to the team”

    The best of buying a critical illness insurance online through Reliance is that they provide detailed explanations of what the policy covers, what it doesn’t and all about the additional features and benefits. Kudos!!

    Vivek G30 November 2016, Navi Mumbai
  • “Easy procedure”

    Easy procedure on the website and best value for money policy

    Rajan M30 November 2016, Khar
  • “Staff helpful”

    Was having trouble in sorting the change of address issue but eventually it was all sorted out by the Reliance staff. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work

    Venu R30 November 2016, Chennai
  • “Appreciate the prompt service”

    Appreciate the prompt service provided by the Reliance General employees

    Gopal V30 November 2016, Hyderabad
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