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Travel Insurance for Peru


Travel Insurance for Peru

​​​Peru is a country on the western seaboard of South America. In the past, Peru was home to one of the oldest yet sophisticated civilizations in the world, the Inca empire. Until 1821, the country was ruled by Spaniards, who were soundly defeated by the nationalists in the Battle of Ayacucho. Consequently, Peru attained independence from Spanish rule in 1824.

Today, Peru is a cosmopolitan country, with a population of more than 31 million which includes natives, Europeans, Asians and even Africans. The most common language spoken in Peru is Spanish, though a considerable number of Peruvians also speak native languages such as Aymara and Quechua.

​The country's physiography ranges from dry deserts and snowy mountains (Andes) to lush green forests. Most tourists in Peru have heard about the Incan trail adn they want to visit Machu Picchu, often called the 'Lost City of the Incas'. But now we know, Machu Picchu wasn't a city. It was more like the personal estate of an Incan emperor.

Most tourists arrive into the country through Lima. The city is not only the capital of Peru but is also home to a quarter of the country's population, of over 30 million people. In Lima, visit attractions like the Museo Larco. Lima's Miraflores district has excellent beaches and they are very safe for foreigners. Some of the other places to visit in Peru are Lake Titicaca, the famed Nasca Lines, Colca Canyon and more. Don't forget to try some Pisco, a type of native brandy derived from grapes.