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Travel Insurance for Hong Kong & Macau


Travel Insurance for Hong Kong & Macau

​​Hong Kong & Macau are the only two special administrative regions in China. The former used to be run by the British until 1997 when it was turned over to the Chinese. Macau was run by the Portuguese and was handed back to China in 1999. Today, Hong Kong is known as a financial powerhouse and Macau is known for its casinos and holiday resorts. Both Hong Kong & Macau are famous tourist magnets and attract millions of tourists every year.

Hong Kong & Macau show a happy blend of Western and Eastern culture. Hong Kong & Macau are distinguished by their western-style education, a more democratic political system and reputation as major trade ports. A vast majority of the population in both these territories is Chinese, but their long period of administration by colonial powers has resulted in a culture that is quite distinct from that seen in mainland China.

​Some of the famous places to see in Hong Kong are Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, Madame Tussauds, Clock Tower, the Wanchai Blue House, Jardine House and others. Some famous landmarks in Macau are the Ruins of St. Paul's, Senado Square, Macau Tower, Tashi Square, Guia Lighthouse, and many more. If you are the gambling sort, you would not want to miss out the casinos and resorts in Macau such as the Venetian Casino Resort, City of Dreams, The Sands, Wynn Macau, Grand Lisboa, and others.

Hong Kong & Macau are attracting an increasing number of tourists from India every year. If you are one of the lucky ones visiting Hong Kong & Macau, don't forget to purchase travel insurance before your trip. A number of things can go wrong when you are abroad and you don't want to be caught off guard, without insurance. We are proud to announce, Reliance General Insurance offers a comprehensive travel insurance policy to Indians visiting Hong Kong & Macau. When you purchase your policy from us, we will give you the following benefits.