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Travel Insurance Claims - Important Documents Required

​While buying a travel insurance plan, no one has wondered that they would have to raise a claim. However, unfortunate incidents are unpredictable and any tourist can struggle with any travel-related issues. If one has extensive coverage, the insurance company’s claim team will take all the care of the claim settlement. However, you have to support your claim with some essential documentation. 

The exact type of supporting documents required for claim settlement will be based on the issue faced and the insurance company’s policies. Listed below are some documents that you might need in case of a travel insurance claim.  

Claim form

You might need to fill an offline or online claim to initiate the claim settlement process from your side. 

Policy document

Your insurance policy is one of the most essential documents. It might have personal details or dedicated customer numbers that say that the policy is yours. This is the first thing that the insurance company will notice in case of a claim. They will also cross-check the problem faced with the coverage in your travel policy. If the issue is covered, the claim’s team will move the inspection process forward. If not, then the claim will get rejected. 


Some insurance companies might ask you to submit some type of identification documents like your aadhaar copy or passport copy. 

Trip tickets

In case of international travel insurance, you might have to give flight tickets. Such type of documentation comes in handy in case of claims related to trip cancellations, trip delay, and so on. 


If there is a trip cancellation related to a medical issue, the insurance company might ask for a doctor’s statement stating the same. 

Airport correspondence

Such kind of documentation becomes essential in case of baggage delay/loss. You need to get the suitable correspondence from the airport authorities that verifies your claim.


A first information report is needed for claims related to the theft of baggage. Detailed reports need to be collected from the allotted police officials. 

Loss of passport

If you lose your passpo​rt on your foreign trip, you have to submit a photocopy of the document with the claim form. 

Hospital bill

In case of an unfortunate event of an accident, you have to submit the appropriate hospital bills. This is applicable if you have gone for a reimbursement claim and not a cashless one. 

Discharge card

In case you have a prolonged stay at a hospital, you have to submit a discharge card from the hospital where you were treated. Again, this is not assuring in case of cashless claims. 

Do not forget to compare travel insurance before you jump into buying online. The comparison should not only depend on the price at which the policy is available but also the sum and the coverage insured from whom you are planning to buy travel insurance online​. Discussing with family, friends, and colleagues might be beneficial as they can share their feedback if they have experience with insurance companies in the past.