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Travel Insurance for Belgium


Belgium is a European country located in the west with great attractions like old town cores, pleasant cafe-bar, and a host of UNESCO sites. However, Belgium has so much more than just post-industrial heritage, forest-edged kayaking rivers, stalactite-filled caves, and rural chateaux to sandy North Sea beaches. It has a complicated history, which is unveiled by museums and galleries. The country even hosts the world's most distinctive carnivals.

Belgium is a place of outstanding contrasts! From linguistic, cultural to topographic aspects, Belgium has various colours to show. Most of the historic 'art' cities are present in the Dutch-speaking Flanders, which attracts its visitors with medieval belfries, magical market squares, and step-gabled houses. All these outstanding museums and galleries located nearby and are flawlessly interconnected by public transport. In contrast, in spite of some interesting post-industrial cities, much of the French-speaking Wallonia is rural. So, if you want to explore the region's spectacular caves, impressive castles, and rural valleys, you should bring your vehicle.

Apart from its architectural beauty, Belgium has some of the best outlets for beer, chocolate, and moules-frites. Get ready to add an inch or two to your waistline with Belgium's extraordinary range of comestible specialities. Belgium's well-preserved Gothic and baroque architecture, top restaurants, irresistible chocolatiers, picturesque canals, and cobbled streets, make it perfect for long-weekend, lazy vacation.

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