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​​​​​Multi trip travel insurance is one of the most flexible policies in the travel insurance sector. This policy is ideally designed for people those who travel to foreign countries throughout the year. Did you know that multi-trip travel insurance turns out to be very cheap when you compare the plans offered by insurance companies situated worldwide? It is a win-win situation for the traveler as the multi trip travel insurance policy makes him or her safe and that it is available at a cheaper cost. If you are a frequent flier and want to keep your travel insurance costs low, opt for the multi trip travel insurance plan. Multi trip travel insurance plans are usually flexible and thereby make it convenient for the traveler to design it in a suitable way. If you are planning to buy a multi trip travel insurance policy, make sure you customise it as per your requirement. If you are confused between buying single trip travel insurance and multi trip travel insurance, please read on to clear your doubts. Here are the types of travelers​​ who actually need multi trip travel insurance

Corporate employees

Isn't it obvious? Anyone who works in the sales or business development team of a multinational firm may have to visit several foreign countries for work purposes. Buying a single trip travel insurance policy may eat a larger chunk of their money. In these cases, a multi trip travel insurance policy is ideal as the person need not worry about buying a new policy every time he or she travels.

Business tycoons

Whether it is for work or pleasure, an entrepreneur may choose to stay out in a foreign country several times in a year. An entrepreneur usually works round the clock and hence the need for travelling to and fro is more than usual. A multi-trip travel insurance policy is ideal for entrepreneurs as they may not have the time to buy one every time.

Parents whose kids are studying abroad

In this case, both the parents must have multi trip travel insurance policy as either of the two may visit their son or daughter at least twice a year. You can look for the appropriate multi trip travel insurance plans based on your requirement.

People who have their extended family staying in a foreign country

Multi-trip insurance is a blessing for those who have their distant family staying in a foreign country. If the destination is very far, there are chances that you might visit your family at least twice a year which would make multi trip travel insurance a smarter choice for you. You may spend a lot on your airfares and other fancy things but travel insurance is one thing where you will save money.​