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Why the Multi Trip Travel Insurance is What you Need


Many times it is required that you need to travel to quite frequently to a particular place or region over a period of time. It can be for business or work reasons or simply you are lucky enough to get more than one vacation during the year.​

When it comes to travelling, especially travelling abroad, you are exposed to a number of risks and dangers. While you can always do your best to stay secure and safe from your end, you can’t really predict an untoward incident that you may face during your travel. You are not just exposed to risks while you are undertaking the journey but also when you are away at your destination in general. For instance, if you get to the airport only to find out that your flight has been cancelled due to bad weather. To make matters worse, it is unclear when would the next flight be available. In addition to causing distress, this can hit you hard financially. Another instance, say, due to the sudden change in weather conditions you fall sick and are hospitalised. If you happen to be in a country like the UK or the US, such scenario can cost you an arm and a leg.

Considering the aforementioned situations and scenarios, it is obvious that you can’t afford to take such risks and need to safeguard yourself from such incidents. The best way to do that is to avail a travel insurance policy that covers you against travelling risks. When it comes to choosing the right policy it is important to take your requirements in proper consideration. Finding yourself in a situation wherein you find yourself in a soup due to short coverage is the last thing you want.
When you intend to travel multiple times, like mentioned in the beginning, it is important that you take that into consideration while choosing the overseas travel insurance policy. It is recommended that you avail an annual multi-trip insurance.

With multi trip insurance you get the advantage of saving on the premium costs. If you compare a multi-trip policy with buying a single trip policy every time, you get a better deal with an annual one. Additionally, you get better coverage while saving the hassle of buying a travel insurance policy each time before travelling. If you intend to buy a multi trip travel insurance policy, you can always customize it to suit your needs and requirements.

Here are some of the things covered in an annual multi-trip travel policy:
  • Emergency medical expenses incurred by you or any of your family members whilst abroad, for any sudden illness, injury or death
  • Emergency expenses made for medical evacuation to India
  • Accidental bodily injury during the trip
  • Compensation for death or permanent disability due to an accident, while riding as a passenger in a common carrier
  • Cost of obtaining a fresh or duplicate passport in case of a lost passport
  • Expenses incurred if a trip is delayed due to airline, medical, personal employment problems or natural disasters
  • Expenses incurred if a trip is cancelled or interrupted due to airline, medical, personal employment problems or natural disasters
  • Expenses incurred if you miss a connecting flight due to a delay
  • Reimbursement of return ticket fare for a family member visiting you, the insured, if you’re hospitalised.