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Fixed Plate Glass Insurance


Fixed Plate Glass Insurance

​​​​​​Let's consider a scenario. Every holiday, cricket lovers fight pitched battles in alleys and bylanes, to find out who's the better bowler or batsman. Occasionally, a shot breaks a window pane on a nearby house or business establishment. 

When this occurs, the players immediately run away. The culprit is nowhere to be found, forcing the poor owner of the property to compensate the loss. But not if you have a home insurance policy, which covers your fixed plate glass.

​A fixed plate glass insurance policy protects you financially against accidental breakage of fixed plate glass, on window panes or showcases, including lettered, embossed, ornamental and stained glasses.

Fixed glass panes can be of various types and some of them are very expensive. When such a fixed glass plate sustains damage, you might have to shell out quite a bit of money to fix it. But if you are willing to pay a small sum for a house insurance, which covers your fixed plate glass, you can protect yourself against such an event occurring.