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Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings

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4.6(Based on 10 ratings)

Reliance Critical Illness Insurance

Given current, stressful lifestyles, anyone can suffer critical illnesses at anytime, but that thought shouldn’t dictate your life. For the first time in India, we, at Reliance General Insurance, bring you a policy that caters to life threatening and lifestyle-disabling diseases, so you are worry-free.

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  • “Prompt response”

    Communication over the mail & phone was very prompt and the staff did their best to clear all my critical illness insurance related queries.

    sadxxxx@gmail.com2 December 2016, Vakola
  • “Keep up the good work”

    Keep up the good work!! Critical illness Insurance procedure was very clear and easy.

    navxxx@gmail.com2 December 2016, Mahim
  • “Call centre staff very co-operative”

    The staff provides complete information about the critical illness policy and additional features not covered under the normal health insurance

    Kruxx@gmail.com1 December 2016, Wadala
  • “Totally satisfied with the service”

    Totally satisfied with the service!! Made my online purchase much simpler than I expected

    madxxx@gmail.com1 December 2016, Jodhpur
  • “Thanks to your executive”

    Thanks to your executive who was patient to answer all my stupid queries related to cancer cover.

    panxxx@gmail.com1 December 2016, Mumbai
  • “Good Coverage”

    Great critical illness insurance policy product covers 10 major critical illnesses or surgeries and suffices my need.

    vikxx@gmail.com30 November 2016, Versova
  • “Kudos to the team”

    The best of buying a critical illness insurance online through Reliance is that they provide detailed explanations of what the policy covers, what it doesn’t and all about the additional features and benefits. Kudos!!

    vivxx@gmail.com30 November 2016, Navi Mumbai
  • “Easy procedure”

    Easy procedure on the website and best value for money policy

    rajxx@gmail.com30 November 2016, Khar
  • “Staff helpful”

    Was having trouble in sorting the change of address issue but eventually it was all sorted out by the Reliance staff. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work

    venx@gmail.com30 November 2016, Chennai
  • “Appreciate the prompt service”

    Appreciate the prompt service provided by the Reliance General employees

    gopxx@gmail.com30 November 2016, Hyderabad