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Royal Enfield Classic Two Wheeler Insurance Policy


Royal Enfield Classic Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

​​​​The Enfield Cycle Company manufactured bicycles, stationary engines, motorcycles, and lawnmowers with the name of Royal Enfield out of its manufacturing unit at Redditch, Worcestershire. In 1909, the company introduced a small bike with 2.25 HP V twin Motosacoche engine. JAP 6 HP 770CC V twin along with sidecar combination, which released in 1912, made Royal Enfield a household name. 

Since 1949, the company sold motorcycles in India. In 1955, the Bullet 350 was chosen as the motorcycle used by police officers and army personnel for patrolling. In this year, the Redditch company collaborated with Madras Motors to form Enfield India and assemble the Bullet 350. In 1957, tooling equipment was sold to Enfield India enabling the company to manufacture components and commence complete operations.

​In 1990, Enfield India strategically partnered with the Eicher Group, which was merged in 1994. The Eicher Group is a diversified automobile manufacturer producing commercial vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, automotive gears, and much more.

An in-house research and development (R&D) department at the Chennai unit constantly works towards producing reliable and tough motorcycles.