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​​If you are a two-wheeler owner, then as per the law, you must have a two wheeler insurance​​ policy. When someone buys a two wheeler, generally it has been observed that his/her dealer takes care of fulfilling all the formalities with respect to vehicle registration and its insurance. Nevertheless, as a responsible two-wheeler owner, it is your duty to know about the types of motor insurance policies available in the market and their benefits and features.

From a broader perspective, two wheeler insurance can be categorized into two types - comprehensive, and third-party bike liability.

If you ​ buy two wheeler insurance, which is comprehensive, then it would cover your vehicle against theft, loss and damage. In addition, a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy would provide financial assistance to the owner/rider of the vehicle in event of an loss/damage arising due to unforeseen event like accident. This type of policy also covers the insured against third-party liability.

On the other hand, if you buy motor insurance, which is third-party liability policy, it would not provide any coverage to loss/damage caused to your vehicle damage, rather it would only bear the cost of third party in event of an accident.

Therefore, in order to avail complete benefits of a two wheeler insurance​, it is always advisable to buy motor insurance with comprehensive coverage

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