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Dont Forget To Inspect Your Two Wheeler Before Each Ride


Motorcycles bring the essence of freedom and triumph with them! No car can offer the same kind of thrill and rush you feel while riding a bike. There are several reasons why you should keep your bike in good shape and condition. Before you go for a cruise, get your bike checked thoroughly to ensure it gives you the best performance possible. It will not only make your ride more exciting but also reduce the chances of facing a mechanical problem when you are far from home. Above all, a properly maintained bike will keep you safe and sound while on the go.

Here's a comprehensive list of things that you should check before going for a ride on your motorcycle-

1. Wheels & Tires

Wheels and tyres - without them being in excellent condition, you aren't going anywhere. They are the foundation of your bike and having them in good condition is a must. You don't want to face any problem when you are riding at high speed, having the best time of your life. You should start by checking the air pressure of the tyres. Also, check for gashed or worn out rubber if one tyre s losing air pressure faster than the other. Inspect if there is enough tread left on the tyres so that you don't skid on wet surfaces. Double check of any foreign object stuck in the tread of your tyre as it can cause air pressure loss in the tyre, causing severe accidents.

2. Brakes, Clutch & Throttle

The brake is another most significant part of your bike. To ensure it works correctly, squeeze your brake levers to see if they work in your favour, and there is no problems with strained cables. Make sure the brake pads are hitting the rims and not the tyres. After you have checked the brakes, it's time to inspect the efficiency of the throttle and clutch. Ensure the throttle opens and closes smoothly and its easy to get the bike into gear and that the bike moves forward as soon as you let off the clutch.


Lights are often small but essential part of your motorcycle. You want to be seen by other riders to avoid accidents. It is necessary to check your lights are bright, clear, and responsive to controls before you leave home. Also, check whether the left and right signals are working or not. If not, then it might be a result of a dead bulb, blown fuse, or other simple electrical problem.

4.Fluid Levels

Your motorcycle uses various types of fluids for several purposes like cooling and lubrication. It's your task to keep these fluids topped off. Start from engine oil - make sure that it is at a decent level. Also, don't forget to check out the quality of the oil. If the oil is too sludgy or dark, you probably need to replace it. Secondly, check the transmission fluid and engine coolant to ensure your bike runs smoothly.

5. Chain or Belt

Examine the drive belt or chain for damages like fraying of the belt or abnormal wear and tear on the chain links. If your motorcycle uses a chain, then check for debris, dirt, and gunk. Keep the chain clean and lubricated for a smooth performance.

It will only take a few minutes to check these parts before heading out. This good habit will not only keep you informed about the condition of your bike but also ensure that you are good to go on any trip. Sudden breakdowns can ruin your plan and mood, so it is advisable to insure your bike with a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. A bike insurance​ policy covers your motorcycle against several damages and unfortunate accidents.