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Reliance Travel Care - Health Benefits


Reliance Travel Care - Health Benefits

​​Traveling is rewarding and a change of mind and persona for some, who wish to go away from their hectic life schedules. It's great to travel and explore places or go shopping. Traveling abroad for leisure or for fun involves all the above excitements, but do we forget that traveling abroad can also mean and unprecedented accidents such as baggage loss, passport loss or stolen or for that matter medical emergency?

No right. As a matter of fact, we are always on a lookout for positive aspects related to traveling, hence such issues are rarely thought of. After all, we want to travel safe and sound and Yes! Healthy.

Do you think of choosing a Travel Insurance or do you not feel the need of it? Travel Insurance is security not a need. It’s a smart man’s choice. Well prepared people whether for fun or frolic always seek for ways to stay secured wherever they are. So, for a secured International Travel, it is best to choose Reliance General Insurance Travel Policy​.

S​ince, we cannot avoid Travel related issues that may occur abroad, it is best to get a comprehensive coverage which offers a big dose of peace of mind. If your health is the main priority, then get covered in International land against medical expenses which can be soaring with Reliance Travel Insurance.​

​​With this Reliance Travel Insurance Policy, you are viable to get the below comprehensive coverage beginning with best health benefits:

  • ​Cashless hospitalisation facility worldwide
  • No medical check-ups till the age of 80 years
  • Varied duration of trips, we cover trips as long as 180 days and even extend up to 365 days
  • Quick and hassle-free settlement for your travel claims
  • ​​​No paperwork and an affordable prem​ium to make your holiday quick and easy
  • Automated extensions for your Travel policy in case of medical emergencies or evacuation (30 days) and delay of common carrier (up to 7 days)

​So, get covered against all health related and other printed issues with Reliance Travel Insurance and enjoy your travel abroad at ease. Don’t worry, even Senior Citizens are covered and take care of your trip.