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Reliance Travel Care - Cover For Passport Loss


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​​​​​​​​​Does Your Travel Insurance Cover Passport Loss?​​​

At the point when your identification proof like a Passport is lost or stolen and you're getting prepared to leave on your excursion, that misfortune could spell debacle for your touring arrangements.In the event that you can't get a substitution in time of your excursion or your trek home, you could be confronting a major misfortune. Here's the manner by which travel Insurance​ can get your travel and passport loss covered. But how can you buy the Reliance Travel Insurance Policy?

You can just click on Reliance Trave​l Insurance Policy​  or  Make a call on +91 22 48903009​ number to buy Travel Insurance policy. With this policy you can derive the below benefits:

  1. ​​​No paperwork and an affordable prem​ium to make your holiday quick and easy
  2. Now insure your dream vacation starting @ Rs.306/-* only!
  3. Choice of varied plans from individual to single policy for the entire family
  4. ​Post-flight trip intrusion advantages will be covered to make up for lost time to your secured outing due to the loss of Passport whilst traveling.

Reliance Travel insurance is exceptionally handy when your Passport is lost or stolen and you have to arrange for a replacement! 

Basically, there are two principles to be mindful of when making a case because of a lost or stolen passport:

  • A claim for a stolen or lost Passport must be substantiated by a police report.
  • A case to be repaid for the expenses to supplant your lost or stolen travel permit must be went hand in hand with a paid receipt to substantiate the case.​

​Then you may make a call to Reliance General Insurance and let them know the circumstance. The travel help administration agents will help you discover neighborhood law implementation, so you can make a report (ensure you get a duplicate!) on the off chance that it was stolen. They'll likewise help you locate a neighborhood government office where you can get your lost or stolen travel passport replaced.​