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Travel Insurance for Jordan


Located in the rugged desert of the northern Arabian Peninsula, Jordan is a county of rich cultural background. The nation dwells in an ancient land, which has marks of several civilizations on it. Jordan is surrounded by Iraq to the east, Syria to the north, Saudi Arabia to the southeast and south, and Israel and West Bank to the west.

Located about 400m below sea level, in the northwest of Jordan, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and undoubtedly the unique feature of the country. It has a coastline of 26km on the Gulf of Aqaba in the southwest. It is the place where Al-Aqabah, the only port of the country is located.

Ever since the emergence of civilization, Jordan has been serving as a center of humanity. The county has been evaded by several civilizations including - Mesopotamians, Akkadians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Nabateans, Romans, and Crusaders.

Jordan is a year-round destination. Even during the steamy months of June, July, and August, most areas of the country, including Amman are not extremely hot. Amman and Petra are located about 850m and 1,100 m above sea level respectively, thereby making the weather of these towns pleasant enough for sightseeing. However, Petra gets intensely cold during nights and evenings, even in summer.

The official language of Jordan is Arabic. Although the people of Jordan can speak and understand English, it's better to learn a few Arabic words, as it may help you break the ice and sound friendlier.

Whether you're planning a honeymoon or a solo trip on the beautiful land of Jordan, the journey is going to be one of the most pleasant experiences of your life. In order to stay safe and relaxed while on a spree, it is advisable to insure your trip with a travel insurance policy. A travel insurance plan secures your valuable and gives you the peace of mind you need whilst abroad.

If you purchase our policy, you will receive the following benefits.