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Travel Insurance for International Destinations


Travel Insurance for International Destinations

You've packed your bags and you are ready for your foreign vacation. But before you get on that plane, there is one more thing you should do to ensure you can enjoy your vacation without any tension. We are talking about travel insurance.

Travel insurance will ensure you don't have to shell out astronomical amounts of money if you face some problem when you are on vacation. This includes small things like cancelled flights, losing your passport, and even emergency medical treatments. For just a small sum, you can now protect your purse and mental peace against such risks.

Reliance General Insurance is proud to say, we've signed up with service providers in several countries to give you the benefit of a cashless travel insurance policy. If you own a travel insurance policy that we've issued, you'll be covered against a number of potential risks that you probably never knew existed when you travel abroad. You can also compare travel insurance​ on our website and choose the one which suits you better.

Reliance General Insurance issues travel insurance policy from 6-month-old toddlers to 80-year-old adults. We even issue travel insurance policies to customers going abroad for work. We also cover compassionate visits by an insured's relative in case the insured is unable to take care of himself (or herself) during a hospital stay (exceeding 7 days).