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​​​​Many would agree that an unforeseen incident can ruin even the best laid plans. For instance, during a trip or even before your trip starts off, unexpected circumstances like medical emergency or bad weather can play evil and ruin your well-planned tour. In addition, such kind of trip interruption can burn your pocket. Amid such unfavourable circumstances you might not be able to continue with your trip, but by protecting yourself from major financial losses you can always plan for another similar trip later. Accordingly, the best way to save your hard earned money is buying travel insurance​.

But, is there any right time to buy travel insurance? While you can buy your international travel insurance even a day before your travel date; yet it would be a wise move to do so two weeks in advance from the date of travel. This is because, a last minute rush of buy buying a travel insurance policy often results in the risk of you  missing out on something that isn’t covered by the insurance.

For example, a travel insurance policy offers coverage towards trip cancellation. However, not having travel insurance in place at the right time, you might fail to get reimbursement of airlines and hotel fares. Also, not all carriers reimburse for trip cancellation, if it happens within 48 hours of the trip. In which case you tend to lose the entire cost of your tour. However, if you have already bought travel insurance, your such losses might get covered.

On the other hand, you can also buy your travel insurance much before your trip starts, i.e. months in advance. However, doing so might cost you more in terms of premium. The idea of buying an insurance policy is more about one's financial security. Therefore, it makes no sense paying more towards something when you can avail similar benefits at reasonable price. Buy your travel insurance policy at the right time to avail maximum benefits at minimum cost.

Nevertheless, before buying any international travel insurance plan, check and re-check the reimbursement of fees charged by the airline and the hotel.