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5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Travel Insurance Policy

​​​In India, people are still not very well versed with the idea of travel insur​ance​. Though the number of people opting for travel insurance has gone up in the country, yet there are many more who are still hesitant about buying one such plan for themselves. Even today, people in India believe buying travel insurance th​en you are wasting your time, energy and probably your money.
However, here is a food for thought: If travel insurance plan isn't necessary then why have Schengen countries made it mandatory for individuals to buy travel insurance? Why are people worldwide opting for more and more travel insurance plans?
Here are Five reasons to why you should buy a travel insurance:

1. Travel insurance covers the cancellation an/or delay of your flight
2. A travel insurance plan comes as an aid when you lose your baggage and your medication. It is your insurance plan that helps you out in an emergency prescription filled.
3. If you have insured your trip, in case of loss of your passport and/or wallet your insurer will meet your requirement of emergency cash and a replacement passport.
4. Your travel insurance plan provides you with medical evacuation in a situation of an accident and inadequate medical treatment. A travel insurance plan​ will cover you for a medical emergency when travelling abroad.
5. In case you cannot make it for your trip due to illness, your travel insurance will cover for your trip cost.