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What are the Basic Medical Coverage Offered in Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

​We spend all our lives planning for our retirement. We work hard day and night; every day for 35-40 years to prepare a small kingdom, we call our home. We expect so much for our post-retirement life. However, most senior people limit themselves to the four walls of their homes, which is not a good idea. You should actually live your twilight years to the fullest. One such thing that brings a beguiling experience is the joy of exploring new places!

There are several fantastic destinations across the world that we should explore at least once in our lifetime. If visiting new countries across the globe is on your bucket list, then it's the time to take the plunge and tick those items off your list.

But before you begin your expedition, you need to prepare well and take some extra care so that you don't find yourself in distress. Buying a comprehensive travel insurance plan is the most critical step you should take as a senior citizen to safeguard your trip against unforeseen circumstances while travelling.

Undoubtedly, a travel insurance policy is a necessity for anyone travelling abroad. Even if you properly plan your trip, things tend to go haywire, and you don't want to feel lost on foreign land. Simple mistakes tend to get serious when you don't know how to deal with them. Don't let any medical or other emergencies ruin your foreign trip. Take a quick step; buy a travel insurance policy now.  

When it comes to senior citizens, having a travel insurance policy is an absolute must. A travel insurance plan specially designed for senior citizen, takes care of the expenses incurred due to medical treatments. As an elderly, the risk exposure to your health condition due to medical issues is increased many folds when you are travelling abroad. When you insure your trip with a senior citizen travel insurance plan, you can be relaxed as all the expenses arising out of medical difficulties would be taken care of.

Presently, the concept of travel insurance is gaining popularity in India. Several companies offer tailor-made travel policies for senior citizens, keeping into consideration the risk factors associated with their age. However, you should go through the policy features and understand the terms and conditions precisely before opting to buy one. You can easily compare several policies online and find out the one that suits your requirements.

Listed below are few medical conditions that are covered under a senior citizen travel insurance policy-

  • Accidental bodily injury during the trip
  • Acute anaesthetic treatment of teeth due to an injury
  • Emergency expenses made for medical evacuation to India
  • Reimbursement of return ticket fare for a family member visiting you, the insured, if you're hospitalised for more than 7 days
  • Emergency medical expenses incurred by you whilst abroad, for any sudden illness, injury or death covered under overseas travel insurance for senior citizens
  • Expenses incurred while transporting the insured's mortal remains back home or towards burial abroad in case of an untimely demise covered under overseas travel insurance for senior citizens