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Reasons to buy Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

​Since time immemorial, travelling has become an important part of human life. Especially travelling to foreign lands has its own pleasures associated with it. The fun and pleasure associated with travelling abroad with family in tow leaves memorable footprints in otherwise hectic life. And especially when travelling is taken with parents who have crossed threshold age of 60 adds more flavour to it.

As travelling to foreign land has its own share of fun and leisure, so are the risks associated with it. So it is always advisable to take into proper consideration everything before planning an outing when the travelling is being done with senior citizens along. Senior citizens are always at major risks while travelling due to change in geographical conditions, diet change, and low immunity levels of their bodies.

So, it is always very important to buytravel insurance for senior citizen​while going on overseas travel.

Medical Emergencies can happen to anyone and anywhere and senior citizens are always at the risks of getting affected, so it is very important to understand the policy vis a vis the medical emergency is concerned. In many western countries, the cost of medical expenses is too high, and secondly, there are chances, senior citizens may be suffering from pre-existing diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, so it is very important to ensure with the policy provider whether such pre-existing ailments are covered and whether they will be reimbursed if the situation arises for medical emergency due to aforesaid mentioned ailments. Most of the plans do not cover pre-existing diseases, so it is better to opt for one which covers the existing medical conditions.

If senior citizens are also travelling with you, it is very important to safeguard their passports, their documents, their personal belongings. Though travel insurance covers such loss of passports and personal belongings, but it is always good to be on safer side rather then get entangled with such losses which may result in loss of peace of mind. Travel Insurance also covers Repatriation of remains if death occurs during the course of travel, Personal liabilities, Accidental coverage, Loss of Baggage or delay in baggage arrival which is a common scenario nowadays with the number of people travelling across the world.

Travel Insurance for senior citizen also covers trip cancellation which may occur due to many obvious reasons, Personal Accident occurring during the course of the travel, Hijack Distress Allowance in situations like Hijacking, Emergency Cash Advance in case of need of emergency cash requirement, Missed Flight Connection liabilities.

Like any other policy, there are certain exclusions too which forms part of the travel insurance for senior citizens like Accidents resulting due to addiction to alcohol or drugs. Getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, AIDS is also not covered. Mental disorder, depression and anxiety are also not covered. Expenses arising out of loss of valuables, money, securities and tickets are also left out from the policy. Likewise, Naturopathy treatment, ayurvedic /homeopathic therapies are also excluded.​