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​​Travel Insurance​, ​also called as Visitor insurance or overseas medical insurance is a special facility offered by Insurance Companies in India for travellers. It is mainly offered to safeguard the interests of the individual traveller, family of travellers, group of travellers, student travellers, senior citizen travellers or to corporate travellers.  It is offered mainly to take care of following unforeseen circumstances which may arise during the course of travel

Personal Accident: During the course of the travel it is a possibility that any individual or member of the group suffers from personal accident; this situation is taken care with the help of the Travel insurance.
Medical Expenses: Medical emergencies can arise any time or anywhere. So buying proper travel insurance takes care of such a situation. It can be really distressing to fall sick or get admitted to any hospital during the course of the travel. Medical expenses may differ from country to country. In some countries like USA, the medical expenses are very high. Travelling to such countries and getting sick without travel insurance can be a disaster in itself. 

Loss of Passport: Passport is a very important document for an individual. It is the only document which determines to which country the individual belongs and is a proof of the citizenship of that individual. During the mode of travel its loss may result in getting up stuck in the visiting country with no way out. Such scenarios are taken care of by travel insurance.
Trip Delay: There are many instances where the trips get delayed to death in the family, or any problem arising at the last moment due to which it gets really difficult to take the trip. Such situations can be taken care of by buying proper Travel Insurance.

Trip Cancellation: There can been many instances where the trip gets cancelled due to natural calamities in the visiting country. It can also be due to break out of war or breakout of any contagious disease in the country of visit. 
Baggage Loss: This forms the core of the travel insurance. Loss of Baggage is a scenario which no one likes to face. The baggage loss can be due to many reasons. It can be fault of the airline staff; it can be due to break in the journey where the baggage doesn’t get loaded in the stopover flight. The baggage got misplaced at the airport or any other scenario. It’s very important to have Travel Insurance to meet such unforeseen situations during travel. 

Risks while travelling abroad: Sometimes travelling cannot be safe. There are many instances where travelling can be a real nightmare. It can be due to many reasons.  Things may go wrong during your trip even after assiduous planning, for certain reasons that are beyond our reach. It’s very difficult to predict what’s going to happen when u visit a foreign land. Nothing is predefined or prewritten. The best a person can do is safeguarding oneself against any eventuality arising out of any unforeseen circumstances which can be the cause of distress to the individual or members of the family.