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​Just as your fitness is of utmost importance to you, the fitness of commercial vehicles should also be of equal significance. The regional transport office (RTO) issues a Fitness Certificate for vehicles that are used for commercial purposes.​

What is a Vehicle Fitness Certificate?​

Besides following the traffic rules and having motor insurance, all commercial vehicles are responsible for the safe transportation of goods or passengers. For the same, the vehicle must be fit in every aspect to be able to ply on the road. To ensure that the vehicle is good to go, it will be inspected by the Regional Transport Office and after the inspection, they will issue a vehicle fitness certificate.

Why is Vehicle Fitness Certificate Important?

All commercial vehicles must have a fitness certificate. It has an inspection process, which allows the vehicle to be screened for any technical faults or emission issues. It will help avoid pollution that is caused due to the release of the harmful byproducts in the environment. A safe and mechanically fit vehicle will also increase the safety of people in and around it.​

How to Apply for RTO Vehicle Fitness Certificate Online

You can apply for the vehicle fitness certificate online by following these steps:​

  • Visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Parivahan Sewa and select online services.
  • Now click on vehicle-related services and you will get two options- Delhi and Sikkim or other states. You need to choose the relevant state you reside in. You will be redirected to a new page.
  • Create an account and provide details about the vehicle's registration number.
  • Select the application for fitness certificate and enter the chassis number, and your mobile number to generate an OTP.
  • Enter the OTP and click on Show details. You can verify the details and click on Payment. Choose the desired payment gateway and make an online payment.
  • Make note of the application number and head to the nearest RTO to get the date, venue and time for vehicle inspection.
  • Get the vehicle inspected and in case of defects, perform the suggested repairs on the vehicle. If the fault is not rectified before the second inspection date, you will not receive the certificate.

  • Charges for RTO Vehicle Fitness Certificate Online​

    The cost of the vehicle fitness certificate online depends on the type of vehicle you own. You will have to pay the fees at the time of making an online application. Based on the Parivahan website, the fee for a medium or heavy motor vehicle for a grant or renewal of the certificate is Rs 600 for a manual vehicle and Rs 1000 for an automated vehicle. The fee for a manual three-wheel vehicle or a light motor vehicle is Rs 400 and an automated vehicle is Rs 600. The fee for a manual bike is Rs 200 and the automated bike is Rs 400. Remember, you must have two-wheeler insurance for your vehicle. ​

    How to Renew Vehicle Fitness Certificate

    To renew the certificate, you can download the form from the official website or visit the RTO. Fill the form and submit it at the RTO with documents including the Registration certificate, the car insurance policy, permit of the vehicle, tax token, and Pollution under control certificate. The RTO officer will forward the details to the Motor Vehicles Department. You will then have to visit the RTO for inspection at the scheduled date and time. If everything is in place, the authorities will sign the certificate for your vehicle without an issue.


    1. I do not know the engine number and vehicle chassis number. How do I find it?
      You can find the engine number and the chassis number of the vehicle on the registration document of the vehicle. You can also find it on the purchase documents of the vehicle.
      2.  My fitness certificate was rejected after inspection, what do I do now?
      If your fitness certificate is rejected after inspection, the officer will give a reason for the rejection and you will have to rectify the faults. Once you get the vehicle repaired, you can reapply for the certificate.
      3.  Is there a penalty for not having the certificate for my commercial vehicle?

      You will have to pay a fine for not having a valid fitness certificate and this is Rs. 50 per day.​