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Health Insurance Renewal Made Easy

​​​​​When it comes to buying the best health insurance plan, there are a lot of concerns that cross our minds. For instance, people are often concerned about features such as the premium of their medical insurance plan, claim benefits, deductibles, cashless mediclaim, renewal of the medical policy, co-payments etc. Generally, all health insurance plans consist of all these features. The factor(s) which set apart some of the health insurance policies as the best health/medical insurance plan is the limit of coverage.

 Most of the health insurance plans offer same coverage; however, the difference comes in with the state of healthcare beside which these coverages are offered. Therefore, it becomes mandatory that before buying a health insurance plan, one should carefully read about the plan and understand its intricacies.

Earlier, people were not convinced of buying individual or family health insurance but today they are looking for lifelong healthcare security. Nowadays, an individual has an option to choose the best health insurance policy from a rich variety of plans and unique benefits. Different health insurance companies have designed different health policies to suit the needs of every individual. Therefore, you would find many health insurance companies coming up with their best he​alth insurance plans​​ with lifelong renewal facility.

Reliance General Insurance recently launched a new healthcare plan – Reliance HealthGain. This health insurance plan not only offers you lifelong renewal facility, but also allows individuals to buy a policy at any age. With every possible benefit covered under Reliance HealthGain Insurance, it provides comprehensive healthcare coverage for one and all and can be termed as one of the best health/medical insurance plans in India.

Let’s quickly breeze through a couple of things you should know about a lifelong renewal facility:
  • A lifelong renewal facility offers a lifelong financial security against expensive medication. 
  • By virtue of this facility, the insured can enjoy the protection offered by their medical policy for a lifetime. 
  • An annual payment is required to renew the policy year after year and continue enjoying extended coverages at cost effective rates.
  • It is beneficial for people of any age group who are prone to frequent medical distress and require medical attention. 

While most insurance companies offer benefits on policy renewal, a lifelong renewal facility is different and you shouldn’t get confused between the terms “benefit of renewal” and “lifelong renewal”. If you really want to opt for it, you must specifically ask for a lifelong renewal facility from your insurance provider and get it included in your medical insurance plans if it is not there already.

Which healthcare insurance is the best health/medical insurance plan for you and/or your family should be a decision made after extensive research and so, you must exercise all possible precautionary steps before picking up the best health insurance plan. ​​

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