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Insure your extended family under best medical insurance plan

Life is full of surprises; while some are pleasant ones, some may leave you battered. Aging is a normal phenomenon of life, and older you get more vulnerable you become towards health problems. However, that does not mean a health related problem can never happen to young individuals. Therefore, irrespective of age-group, it is important that you choose the best health insurance plan in India for yourself and your family.

Unlike earlier, today you would get to choose from the best health insurance plans for family in India which offer risk coverages for not only you, your spouse and children, but also your parents. Today, you can insure your parents and even siblings in your family medical insurance plan. 

Moreover, medical insurance policies with risk coverage for extended family come with many additional benefits. And surprisingly, they are very economical in terms of affordability and cost of premium.

For instance, Reliance General Insurance recently launched one of the best medical insurance for family in India, with risk coverage for extended family – Reliance HealthGain.  

The list of insurance companies providing health insurance in India is a long one, and the list of medical insurance plans available in the market is even longer. Picking up the best medical insurance in India, from the wide range of choice available in the market, is a challenge in itself. In addition, when it is about the security of your family’s health, this challenge takes a shape of a priority. However, in Reliance General Insurance, we understand your priority and value what you care, and so does our healthcare insurance plan – Reliance HealthGain Policy.

Reliance HealthGain is a health Insurance plan that refills your entire insurance amount without additional premium, if the same exhausts in the middle of the year. Apart from the re-instatement of the insurance amount, Reliance HealthGain also offers 33.33% Cumulative Bonus of the base sum insured for every claim free year of the policy.

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