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​​​​​International family vacations have become very common in India, thanks to easy and cheap travel fares. Unlike earlier, today travelling abroad is not just about flying to USA or UK. There are many other destinations which have come up in the favourite list of tourists. Situated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai – the glittering diamond city which gives a spectacular combination of technology and nature – has become one of the favourites of tourists worldwide.
In the same city you have the pleasure to enjoy its sandy beaches, or take a camel ride on the desert, or just walk around the high tech city. Unlike many cities, the crime rate in Dubai is very less, yet because of the political and civil unrest across the UAE may make a tourist think if his/her travel plan to Dubai is a right idea. However, if you take a trave​l insurance​ to Dubai before starting your journey, traveling to the city will neither be thorny nor unsafe. Hence, it is highly advisable to have travel insurance for Dubai from India .​​
1. Buy travel insurance Gulf with health coverage:
If you already have a health insurance plan in India, you may argue that a separate travel insurance for​ Dubai with health coverage is unimportant. However, if you take a look in your health insurance policy, you would realize that your policy will cover the medical expenses incurred only in India. Therefore, in order to protect yourself against medical emergency during your trip to Dubai, you would need a separate travel insurance Gulf.
2.What’s your Visa status:
Citizens of some countries are allowed to enter UAE by buying a tourist visa on arrival. However, some tourists might have to have a visa to Dubai before starting their journey. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Dubai, check with your country’s embassy on the same and get the right visa in hand.
3. Wanna drive on roads of Dubai:
Dubai has very good networked public transportation system, therefore you might not really feel the need to drive to commuted. However, if driving is something you cannot let go during your trip to Dubai, ensure that you have an international driver’s license. While on roads of Dubai, if you tend to meet an accident, you can be rest assured that your travel insurance for Dubai would take care of the expenses incurred towards the medical care related to your accidental injuries.
4. Handle your camera with care:
It is normal to carry a camera on a vacation. However, when you are in Dubai, you need to be very careful about what you are clicking. You cannot randomly go around the city clicking everything that comes your way. Only if you are in a tourist zone where photography is explicitly allowed, you can click as many pictures as you want; but avoid clicking government buildings, military installations, airports, docks and places of similar nature. Do Not click a picture of a Muslim lady without permission.
5. Streets are not meant for currency exchanges:
You want to get your local currency exchanged to UAE Dirham? Then streets are not the place for such activities. Visit a bank for currency exchange. You can also avail this service is a mall ATM or a reputed hotel. Exchanging money on streets may land you in trouble, moreover, you might not get the right amount in return.
This diamond city is a place you would love to be. You are bound to take home memorable experience from Dubai. Take out some time to read and know about the city’s culture and traditions, as this will help you gel well during your stay. And do not forget to carry your travel insurance Gulf before starting your journey.