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Buy a comprehensive senior citizen travel insurance for your parents' foreign trip

Every year an increasing number of Indians are seen migrating to foreign countries to earn their living. Accordingly, with rise in the NRI population, the number of senior citizens travelling to foreign lands is also increasing. Today many parents of these NRIs fly abroad, to meet their children and/or grandchildren. 

The duration of such trips normally turns out to be a month longer, at times two or even more. Many senior citizens travel abroad also for leisure. However, irrespective of the purpose of travel, one should note that at the time planning an overseas trip, senior citizens should cover themselves under a foreign travel insurance policy specially designed for senior citizens. 

Like any other individual, senior citizens too are exposed to certain risks when on a foreign land. In fact, compared to younger individuals, they are more vulnerable or at higher risks of falling ill during their foreign tour. It is always advisable to be well prepared for such crisis like situations and a senior citizen travel insurance can provide offer them self-sufficiency in terms of dealing with such unforeseen events. 

Medical emergencies are considered as the primary reason for a senior citizen to have a foreign travel insurance. Most of the travel insurance companies offer senior citizen travel insurance to individuals up to the age of 70 years, and for this they don't need to go through any medical check-up. Other individuals who fall in the age group of 71-85 years, too can avail senior citizen travel insurance cover provided their medical tests are meeting the requirements of the foreign travel insurance provider. 

If you are buying a foreign travel insurance for your parents who fall in the category of senior citizens, they are protect under a comprehensive plan wherein a wide range of benefits are covered. However, if your parents aren't senior citizens, then check out Reliance travel insurance policy . Risk cover for medical emergencies, personal accident, loss of checked-in luggage, passport, etc. must be included in a comprehensive senior citizen travel insurance. As a normal practice, generally foreign travel insurance companies do not allow renewal of senior citizen travel insurance policies nor they permit it to be extended.  

A senior citizen travel insurance policy is normally valid for 180 days for a single trip. Reliance General Insurance offers one of the best foreign travel insurance plans to senior citizens in India. Reliance's senior citizen travel insurance policy offers comprehensive and custom-made coverage for medical expenses which includes dental treatment with cashless hospitalization facility.

Therefore, prepare your parents for a foreign trip by protecting them under the best available foreign travel insurance plan today.